Alert Hub

Industry Leading Hardware

Alert Hub

Alert Hub is a wireless communication appliance with built-in 24-hour battery backup to ensure continued operation when the power goes down. The Alert Hub receives alert information from a wearable device and communicates the alert to all of the other Alert Hubs through redundant, encrypted communication protocols.


  • 24-hour Battery Backup
  • Tamper-detection
  • Health Status Monitoring
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Powerful Software

Desktop Software

Desktop client applications for PC or Apple computers provide alert notification and activation functionality, along with full crisis management capability.


Mobile App

Available in Android and iOS, our mobile application allows users to instantly activate an alert, as well as manage and monitor an emergency event as it’s unfolding β€” right from their smartphone or tablet.


Enterprise SaaS

The core of the platform is powered by an enterprise SaaS application, where system configuration, setup, and main management functions are provided. Everything from user management to location mapping to alert and device configuration occurs on this level and can be accessed from any Web browser.


Actionable Analytics

Our powerful analytics engine automatically captures incident data and gives you the information you need to identify and track trends and set benchmarks based on quantifiable data.