CENTEGIX | Safety Report

2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives

CENTEGIX | Safety Report

2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives

When You Reduce Response Time, You Save Lives

This report offers our latest, comprehensive analysis of school safety incidents gathered from the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ usage data for the 2023-2024 school year. Key highlights of the report include:

    • More than 10 million people across the U.S., including students, educators, and staff, are protected by CrisisAlert, a 45% increase since January 2023
    • Educators and staff initiated over 183,000 alerts this school year, indicating a 40% increase compared to the previous year
    • 99% of all alerts are for everyday emergencies, such as medical and behavioral incidents
    • More than 50% of school safety incidents occur outside the classroom in areas such as hallways, parking lots, or sports fields

Additionally, we closely examine:

    • How safety in the classroom directly impacts valuable instructional time for teachers and students
    • How the kind of incident response solution you choose can impact the outcome in emergencies
    • Why educational leaders across the country trust CENTEGIX safety solutions to help them protect their districts
    • Educator feedback on their perception of safety in their schools and insights into safety planning

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Key Trends in School Safety

Schools are the training grounds for every community’s future leaders, so protecting schools is an investment in your community’s future. When teachers and students feel safe in the classroom, they can focus on teaching and learning.

From classroom behavioral incidents to minor medical emergencies, disruptions affect the learning process for everyone present. While interruptions are inevitable, leaders can help minimize them with a multilayered school safety plan that directly addresses and resolves disruptions to regain classroom focus as quickly as possible.

See what else our safety report reveals regarding safety in the classroom, state safety legislation, and critical components of school safety solutions.

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Empower Your Staff with Safety

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