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In an emergency, when every second matters, schools and school districts are often unable to quickly collect critical information and as a result lose precious time.


CENTEGIX’s Crisis Alert System delivers information quickly and reliably anywhere on the school campus, inside or outside the building.

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Staff Involvement and Empowerment

Our smart ID badges enable every staff member to call for help or alert the rest of the building of a medical emergency or crisis situation.

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Instant Response with
Real-Time Locating

Responders receive alerts immediately with critical information including; the type of issue, who needs help and exactly where they are located, anywhere on the campus.

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Our proprietary technology casts a protective web over the entire campus, without interfering with existing WiFi, network or infrastructure.


1 in 3 U.S. parents fears for their child's safety while at school


18 Million students are injured at schools annually


68% of school nurses managed a life-threatening emergency in 2017


79% of schools in the US have reported crime


Now more than ever, one of the top priorities for school districts across America are the safety of students and staff. CENTEGIX understands the complexity of offering an easy-to-use solution that serves the unique requirements for all, including teachers, staff, students, and administrators.


Contact us and we will be glad to introduce you to the benefits of CENTEGIX.