CENTEGIX empowers Indiana teachers to call for help in any emergency – from the everyday to the extreme

CrisisAlert is now available to all Indiana schools


Indiana educators have always been focused on creating safe and secure learning environments. 

Now, our innovative CrisisAlert solution empowers all staff with the fastest and easiest way to call for help.

With the simple push of a button on our wearable CrisisAlert badge, an alert instantly reaches administrators and responders. CrisisAlert is unique for its ability to deliver precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications (including lighted strobes, screen messages, and intercom integration) for campus-wide incidents, and 100% full campus coverage.

Request a free CrisisAlert demo badge today – and experience how easy it is to call for help with the push of a button. 

Why Choose CrisisAlert™?

Easy & Immediate Activation

100% Property Coverage

Real-time Incident Locating

Clear Campus-wide Communication

CrisisAlert™ enables anyone to get help

with the push of a button

Available through IAESC

CENTEGIX is a proud AEPA awarded member in the state of Indiana as a Security Solution. We look forward to the opportunity to explore and solve your school safety needs.

Association of Educational purchasing agencies

Indiana is Investing to Make Schools Safer

Through the Indiana Secured Schools Fund, more than $110 million dollars has been invested in to improve building security (e.g., new doors, access control systems, video cameras), fund School Resource Officers (SROs), and perform threat assessments to determine what threats exist and how to eliminate or respond to them.

As you prepare a threat assessment to secure funding for your school community, the CENTEGIX team is here to help. Let us show you the difference CrisisAlert can make.

Need help getting through the funding application process?

CENTEGIX has resources to assist you. We work to ensure equitable access to funding & partnerships for Indiana school safety projects.

  • Grant writers who can develop and submit the application, leveraging input from district leaders
  • Project management resources that can work across your district team to coordinate the application process
  • Education funding expertise that can provide guidance on how to position your district’s funding needs across the various sources available to maximize the award

Learn more about Indiana’s Secured School Safety Grant Program 

The fact that we are putting that technology in the hands of over 25,000 employees gives me 25,000 sets of eyes on our campus and helps to keep the campus safe.

Chief John Newman

Chief of Security & Emergency Management, Hillsborough County Schools (Tampa, FL)

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Our badge-based panic alarm is making headlines for the simplicity and reliability of the incident response solution.

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Doctors said if not for the quick action by the Lee County Schools staff, Mia Santiago wouldn’t be here today. See how CrisisAlert helped her teacher get help.

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school teacher wearing a panic alert badge

CENTEGIX CrisisAlert vs Mobile Apps

CrisisAlert eliminates vulnerabilities related to app-only solutions and enables rapid incident response to every scenario.

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