“Recap of the message Laura delivered at the ACSA Superintendent Symposium in Palm Springs, CA.”


I’ll never forget my first year as a teacher. My classroom was in a portable way across campus, and I worked with a student named Aaron along with 19 other sweet kindergartners on a daily basis. I really had to manage Aaron’s anger and it wasn’t easy. I did have a phone on the wall to use for emergencies. It was there for me to call for help in times of need, but I’ll tell you that phone was never within immediate reach. Even if I had an app that I could have opened and searched for and called for help, that probably wouldn’t have worked out so well either. I even tried to train one of my more skilled kindergartners to make that call. But as you know, managing kindergartners is a lot like herding kittens. 

When I learned about CENTEGIX and its wearable badge, where I could have pushed a button requesting help and gotten back to teaching, wow, I would’ve given anything for that. We really are the best solution you’ve never heard of, even though we are implemented in 18 states. For example, we protect over 50% of students in Georgia. And maybe you’ve heard of Alyssa’s Law, the legislation that came out of the Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, which now requires all teachers to have a panic button available at all times. CENTEGIX was the only vendor that was approved as a wearable panic button. It is so easy to use, it is as simple as push a button, get help. So whether it’s a medical emergency such as a seizure, discipline, or really any event that requires immediate attention where we know every second matters, having something like this is so incredibly valuable. 


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