Smart. Safe. Secure.

Our CrisisAlert Solution enables all staff members to initiate an alert and automatically disseminate critical information quickly and reliably anywhere on the school campus, inside or outside the building.


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Alert Badge

Enable every staff member to immediately call for help, or alert for a medical emergency, or crisis situation.

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Real-Time Locating

Pinpoint locating that relays information about who needs help and exactly where they are located.

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Communicating Critical Information

Immediate visual and audio notifications of an emergency to all building occupants.

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Campus-wide Protection

Proprietary technology casts a protective web over the entire campus, independent of existing WiFi, network or infrastructure.


  • Alert Badge

    Wearable badge designed for instant accessibility and multi-function alerting capability.

  • Alert Strobe

    Battery-powered Alert Strobes provide locating capability and high-intensity visual alerting.

  • Alert Hub

    Wireless communication appliance with built-in 24-hour battery backup in the event of a power outage.

  • Gateway

    Headend device that coordinates our private, proprietary mesh network.


1 in 3 U.S. parents fears for their child's safety while at school


18 Million students are injured at schools annually


68% of school nurses managed a life-threatening emergency in 2017


79% of schools in the US have reported crime

CrisisAlertâ„¢ is new to the Douglas County School System, but what I love about CrisisAlertâ„¢ is it gives teachers and staff members the power to notify us in the event of an emergency.

- Mr. Trent North, Superintendent