Smart. Safe. Secure.

Our CrisisAlert Solution enables all staff members to initiate an alert and automatically disseminate critical information quickly and reliably anywhere on the school campus, inside or outside the building.



Alert Badge

Enable every staff member to immediately call for help, or alert for a medical emergency, or crisis situation.


Real-Time Locating

Pinpoint locating that relays information about who needs help and exactly where they are located.


Communicating Critical Information

Immediate visual and audio notifications of an emergency to all building occupants.


Campus-wide Protection

Proprietary technology casts a protective web over the entire campus, independent of existing WiFi, network or infrastructure.


  • Alert Badge

    Wearable badge designed for instant accessibility and multi-function alerting capability.

  • Alert Strobe

    Battery-powered Alert Strobes provide locating capability and high-intensity visual alerting.

  • Alert Hub

    Wireless communication appliance with built-in battery backup in the event of a power outage.

  • Gateway

    Headend device that coordinates our private, proprietary mesh network.


1 in 3 U.S. parents fears for their child's safety while at school


18 Million students are injured at schools annually


68% of school nurses managed a life-threatening emergency in 2017


79% of schools in the US have reported crime

CrisisAlertâ„¢ is new to the Douglas County School System, but what I love about CrisisAlertâ„¢ is it gives teachers and staff members the power to notify us in the event of an emergency.

- Mr. Trent North, Superintendent