School Visitor Management System

CENTEGIX Visitor Management system screens and manages all visitors for improved school safety.

School Visitor Management System

CENTEGIX Visitor Management system screens and manages all visitors for improved school safety.


Visitor Management: Best Practices for Your School Safety Plan

Teachers, students, and staff are the highest priority in any good school safety plan. With dozens, sometimes hundreds, of visitors going in and out of your schools each day, a visitor management system must be able to vet each person who walks through the door. Is your system ready?

CENTEGIX empowers thousands of schools to take control of their visitor management and protect their teachers, students, and staff. Using our Visitor Management Best Practices Guide, see if your school needs a better visitor management system to augment your school safety plan and the steps to take to make it happen.

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Why Use a School Visitor Management System?

Say goodbye to outdated clipboards and sign-in sheets. The CENTEGIX Visitor Management System provides multiple benefits to schools, including:

  • Enhancing school safety with automatic checks for sex offenders, custom-banned persons, and flags for custody issues at visitor check-in.
  • Improving communication and reducing risk by sending review notifications to staff, administrators, and SROs.
  • Simplifying visitor identification on campus with highly visible and informational badges printed out at check-in.
  • Reducing the time it takes to record student tardies and early releases, and then print hall passes.
  • Streamlining reports that are easy to filter, customize, and share.
CrisisAlert™ Badge

School Visitor Screening

Get the most out of your school visitor management system with these benefits:

  • Log all visitor activities with your custom check-in buttons.
  • Instantly screen all visitors against our national sexual offender database and your custom banned person background check.
  • Monitor custody issues automatically.
  • Print easy-to-see badges that include all of the visitor’s information.
CENTEGIX Visitor Management System hardware

Instant Notification Alerts

Alerts allow staff to respond quickly when school check-ins and emergencies need immediate review.

  • Add unlimited people to the alert notification list.
  • Choose what types of alerts are sent and to whom.
  • Immediate access to review all check-in or emergency notifications.
  • Include notes or attachments to alerts for future reference.
  • See who responds to your alerts and what actions were taken.
  • Receive alerts through email or text.

Student Attendance Reporting

Simplify your tardy student and early dismissal reports.

  • Quickly sign students in tardy right from your desk. Record the reason why and other important attendance information at the time of check-in.
  • Record early dismissal, perform custody issues checks, and check the sex offender list before releasing students.
  • Print hall passes for tardy students and early releases.

Log Staff and Volunteer Activities

Easily log all your staff and volunteer hours with CENTEGIX Visitor Management.

  • Record teacher, substitute, staff, and volunteer hours.
  • Use our JiffyPass™ System for even faster check-ins with your current RFID key fobs and badges.

Detailed Reporting for All Activities

Cut down the time it takes to create detailed reports.

  • All activities sync automatically to your School Manager for up-to-date reports.
  • View all photos taken at check-in and review all background checks.
  • Use custom filters to find the information you need quickly.
  • Access your reports on any internet-connected device.
  • Export reports to a CSV or TSV file and share them with your team.

Integrations with Partners

Save time and money with our exclusive integrations and partnerships.

  • Sync student attendance directly to your SIS with our PowerSchool and OneRoster intgrations.
  • Already a Sterling Volunteers customer? Our integration allows you to sync volunteer application for better management.
  • Our purchasing co-op partnerships with TIPS1GPA, and Goodbuy allow you to skip the RFP process for streamlined acquisition.

See CENTEGIX Enhanced Visitor Management Features in Action

Build the Visitor Management System You Need

CENTEGIX Visitor Management is flexible and can be customized to be the right visitor management solution for your school or district.

Top badge and pass printers that are perfect for your school visitor management system.
Driver's License Scanners that are compatible with Ident-a-Kid's school visitor management system.

Customer Testimonials

See how our software helps schools be safer across the country.

With 65% of our population being transient, we can’t know everyone. CENTEGIX Enhanced Visitor Management helps us quickly identify visitors and know where they are, even if we don’t know them personally, and that is a huge relief for our staff.

Before the visitor management system and visitor badges, there were no check-ins. We didn’t know if they actually came to campus, or if they did, when and where they went. Now, they have to come into the front office, check-in and we can see where they are and have been, which has offered unexpected upside.

Kristie Brooks

Superintendent, Chattahoochee County Schools, GA

Visitor Management Is Integral to CENTEGIX’s Layered Approach to Safety

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