CENTEGIX Reunification

Safe Reunification for Emergencies

Efficiently communicate and reunite parties in an emergency.

CENTEGIX Reunification

Safe Reunification for Emergencies

Efficiently communicate and reunite parties in an emergency.

A Technology-Driven Approach to Safe Reunification

When an emergency occurs, your entire school can go from orderly to disruptive in an instant. You’ve put in all the protocols and safety solutions to get everyone to safety as quickly as possible. What happens when they get there?

You need a reunification plan that helps you confidently establish all parties are safe and reunited with approved guardians. Manual reunification checklist processes are inefficient and slow down this important part of emergency recovery.

Our cloud-based solution digitizes reunification to prioritize efficiency and help your team regain control when orderly turns into disarray. Because in an emergency, every second matters.

Successful Reunification in Two Steps

Step 1

Gain visibility into the status of all evacuated individuals instantly

Once fully evacuated, staff and those in your care are marked safe through our proprietary software at the reunification site, providing an accurate, real-time digital roster of everyone faster than a manual paper and pencil process.

In action: You will scan the ID badge of your staff member or student or quickly look up their name as they enter the reunification site.

Step 2

Confidently reunite students with their approved guardians

Use the software to ensure your students are authorized to leave with their guardians. The software performs a custody check, and collects signatures and timestamps for your records, ensuring all personnel are correctly reunited with the authorized guardian.

In action: Upon their exit, scan the ID once more to document the release time and scan the reunification slip to document successful competition.

Reunification Is Integral to CENTEGIX’s
Layered Approach to Safety

Our Reunification Experts Are Standing By

Your Questions, Answered

What is a reunification plan?

A reunification plan brings staff, students, and personnel back together after an emergency.

Why is having a reunification plan important?

In the event of an emergency that requires reunification, a plan will help you efficiently and effectively reunite parties. A reunification plan can help you regain control during an emergency. It includes clearly defined tasks each person is responsible for, the order in which tasks are to be completed, and what safe reunification looks like for your organization.

Do we need a reunification plan?

All organizations should have a crisis response plan, and safe reunification is a crucial step of that plan. The need for reunification arises in many situations, including severe weather, power outages, and damage to the facilities that make them unsafe. A successful reunification can help those affected reunite quickly and reestablish a feeling of safety.

Are there laws requiring me to have a reunification plan?

Reunification plan laws vary from state to state. Florida House Bill 1421 is an example of a law that requires public childcare and educational facilities to have a reunification plan in the event they need to be closed or evacuated. For more information about laws requiring a reunification plan for your state, contact our reunification experts today.

How can CENTEGIX help me with my reunification plan?

CENTEGIX has a team of reunification experts ready to learn the unique needs of your organization and will work with you to develop a plan. Our cloud-based solution is designed using accepted reunification best practices and vocabulary, making it easy to understand and implement. Contact our experts to get started.

Does the CENTEGIX reunification solution follow leading response protocols?

Yes! Our reunification solution aligns with the standard response protocol established by I Love U Guys Foundation.