Protect Your Community with Higher Education Campus Safety Solutions.

Technology to create a safe campus culture for your college or university.

Protect Your Community with Higher Education Campus Safety Solutions.

Technology to create a safe campus culture for your college or university.

Your Safety Partner When Every Second Matters™

If you’re a modern higher education institution, you know you can’t stand still—you’re constantly evolving to better serve your faculty and students. Whether you’re expanding your campus, improving your facilities, or adding to your offerings, colleges and universities must prioritize campus safety and security at every level—and you need campus safety solutions that can help you do it.

Educators across the country rely on us to help them meet their unique campus safety needs while protecting their communities. The CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ is the foundation of your layered campus safety plan, empowering the fastest response to emergencies. Because every second matters.™

Here recently, we’re averaging probably two students a week that are having medical issues and we’ve had to call ambulances in. Our staff have gotten so comfortable that they’re really hitting it now…But we found great success and pretty good use of it lately…Our response time has been in the seconds, not in the minutes. And it’s been fantastic for us.

James Perry

Chief of Police, West Georgia Technical College, GA

Unique Campus Challenges of Higher Education

Campus environments present their own unique challenges.

Expansive Campuses and Multiple Buildings

Colleges and universities can have campuses ranging from multiple buildings to multiple acres, making it a challenge to monitor all areas at the same time. When you lack that visibility, emergency response times can increase, putting lives at risk.

Communication Gaps

In an emergency, getting help to the scene quickly is the most important factor. Buildings on college campuses can sometimes present unique challenges to communication—such as lead ceilings or basement labs and facilities. You need a solution that can work anywhere on campus and eliminate those gaps left by other solutions.

Vulnerable Areas

Higher ed campuses contain many areas that are more vulnerable to safety incidents, such as parking lots, dormitories, science labs, libraries, and isolated walkways. You need a safety solution that protects those vulnerable areas.

High Foot Traffic and Events

Prospective student tours, sporting events, lectures, and many other activities can bring a number of familiar and unfamiliar people to your grounds, creating an additional challenge to keeping your campus safe and secure.

Discover the Campus Safety Solutions of the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™

CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ for Higher Education

It’s peace of mind at the push of a button. Promote campus safety with CrisisAlert, the wearable panic button for colleges and universities that empowers faculty and staff to get help anywhere on campus instantly. With single-button activation, help is on the way when and where they need it.

The Best Campus Solution: CrisisAlert Wearable Panic Button

Immediate Notification icon

Immediate notification

With a push of a button, the safety alert instantly reaches administrators and responders, displaying a map of who needs help and where they are located. Security teams can monitor alerts in real time, enabling an accelerated response and support. No delay, no valuable seconds lost.

Total Property Coverage icon

Total campus coverage

Our private, managed network secures every square foot of your campus–the CrisisAlert badge functions everywhere. So whether your campus spans seven buildings, seven acres, or seven counties–your request for help instantly reaches responders. No Wi-Fi or cell signal is needed. 

Location Accuracy icon

Real-time location accuracy

Our innovative technology provides precise location details, down to an individual floor and room, so first responders know exactly where their help is needed. Regardless of your campus’ size, help gets the right location quickly.

One Button Activation icon

Discreet, one-button activation

The CrisisAlert wearable badge has a single button, enabling discreet, quick human action in emergencies. No need to draw extra attention to the situation—simply push the button and help is on the way.

Improves communication and eliminates gaps

Administrators can quickly manage and monitor an emergency event as it’s unfolding through the CrisisAlert Responder App. The wearable panic button facilitates direct communication between first responders and the person that needs help. It bridges communication gaps left by other solutions, allowing every request for help to get delivered.

Audio Visual Notifications icons

Audio and visual notifications

Campus-wide alerts communicate emergency information using colored strobe lights, desktop alerts, and intercom and mass communication integrations so everyone can get to safety as soon as possible. With just a single notification, an entire campus can go into lockdown in an instant.

Peace of mind through 100% coverage

The CrisisAlert wearable badge alleviates concerns often raised about app-based safety solutions. It also offers unique features other wearable providers can’t deliver, like precise location information and full-campus coverage. All faculty and staff have a badge, allowing for 100% user coverage and peace of mind campus-wide.

Life-Saving Technology with a Push of a Button

CrisisAlert saves lives every day.

Activate the Staff Alert for everyday incidents including medical emergencies and physical altercations. It notifies local administrators and responders immediately, displaying a map showing who needs help and where they’re located on campus.

For extreme situations, the Campus-wide Alert instantly initiates a campus-wide rapid response to emergencies. It notifies 911 dispatch, activates full audio and visual communication, and delivers precise location details with a map displaying who needs help and where they’re located.

The Data’s In: Educators Feel Safer with CrisisAlert

We engage with faculty and staff every day to understand how CrisisAlert supports them, and here’s what they’ve shared:

Was it easy to use your CrisisAlert badge?


said ‘Yes’

Does having it help you feel safe and supported as a staff member?


said ‘Yes’

Did using the badge empower you to rapidly resolve the situation?


said ‘Yes’

Do you recommend CrisisAlert?


said ‘Yes’

The Data’s In: Educators Feel Safer with CrisisAlert

We engage with faculty and staff every day to understand how CrisisAlert supports them, and here’s what they’ve shared:


said ‘Yes’

Was it easy to use your CrisisAlert badge?


said ‘Yes’

Does having it help you feel safe and supported as a staff member?


said ‘Yes’

Did using the badge empower you to rapidly resolve the situation?


said ‘Yes’

Do you recommend CrisisAlert?

CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint™ for Higher Education

Digital maps of your campus—including buildings and assets—are a critical part of your campus safety plan. Our dynamic digital mapping solution, Safety Blueprint, ensures help arrives at the precise location on your campus and can access the appropriate safety assets quickly.

Safety Blueprint Icon in blue

Update, Layer, and Share Digital Campus Maps Across Departments

Use dynamic mapping capabilities to improve safety planning, incident response, situational awareness, and communication. Easy to edit and update, IT, Facilities, and Safety/Security teams can define and customize map layers while collaborating across departments and with first responders such as law enforcement, fire departments, and local PSAPs.

Analytics icon

Safety Asset Management Taken to the Next Level

Visualize all of the data relevant to your safety assets and planning from one source. Run inventory counts, review inspection dates, define construction zones, mark hazardous materials and chemicals, and plan efficient routes—based on the precise physical location of assets—to address any maintenance required or safety concerns.

School Visitor Screening Icon

Precision Location of Critical Safety Assets, Visually Mapped and Response-Ready

An emergency response often relies on critical safety assets. Knowing the precise GPS/GIS location of your assets, that they’ve been properly maintained, and that they are fully functional is vital to managing through the crisis. Safety Blueprint eliminates your reliance on disparate spreadsheets and questionable version control.

The system has a very sophisticated mapping feature that allows responders to see exactly which room or hallway the emergency is coming from and from whom. In the event of a real active shooter, we could share this information with outside police agencies who may be coming to aid us.

Paul Cordova

Police Chief, Aldine ISD, TX

CENTEGIX Enhanced Visitor Management for Higher Education

Whether you’re expanding your campus, upgrading your facilities or anything in between, you need a way to keep track of independent contractors, vendors, and any other temporary guest that has access to restricted areas. CENTEGIX Enhanced Visitor Management system keeps track of these visitors while they’re on your campus and can locate them during their stay. Plus much more.

School Visitor Screening Icon

Locate contractors in real time and record acitivites

See your contractors’ precise real-time location displayed on the campus map. Log arrival, departure, and location to hold them accountable for their time on campus.

Total Property Coverage icon

Promote campus safety and security

Know if contractors or vendors are in restricted areas and intervene before an incident occurs.

Save Time and Money icon

Instantly notify staff of alerts

Respond quickly to visitor check-ins and emergencies that need reviewing by alerting staff in real time.

I made a phone call and the response was fantastic. We knew within a couple weeks we wanted to deal with CENTEGIX. So it was a great fit and we’ve had great results with it and excellent customer service. I’ve got to tell you, it’s the best customer service of anybody that we deal with.

James Perry

Chief of Police, West Georgia Technical College, GA

Maximize Your Existing Investments with Strategic Safety Integrations

Our strategic integrations work with your existing safety infrastructure to save time coordinating resources and communicating with safety personnel and staff in an emergency.

Safety assets

We leverage what you already have, including radios, intercoms, IT networks, and access control, to use in an incident.

Video cameras

Coordinate your video cameras with our Safety Blueprint solution and access video feeds of an alert for a real-time view of the incident.

Mass communication

Spread the news of an incident immediately throughout your campus, so faculty and staff can quickly follow safety protocols for a better outcome.

Local 911 providers

Route notifications directly to emergency responders with the critical information they need to empower the fastest response to protect lives, including who needs help, precisely where they’re located on your campus, and the type of emergency.

CENTEGIX Safety Report

2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives

Discover our latest, comprehensive analysis of school safety incidents gathered from the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ usage data for the 2023-2024 school year in our report 2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives.

See what else our safety report reveals regarding safety in the classroom, state safety legislation, and critical components of school safety solutions. Download your copy today.

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