CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint™

Digital Critical Incident Mapping for Emergency Response

Digital campus and asset maps streamline communication and response time for schools, healthcare and government facilities, and commercial businesses and workplaces in emergencies—from the everyday to the extreme.

CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint™

Digital Critical Incident Mapping for Emergency Response

Digital campus and asset maps streamline communication and response time for schools, healthcare and government facilities, and commercial businesses and workplaces in emergencies—from the everyday to the extreme.

Security and facilities monitor the campus with Safety Blueprint

Say Goodbye to the Old Way. Say Hello to a Better Way.

Without updated critical incident maps, your safety is at risk. But manually capturing all the information for your buildings and assets, especially at a multi-location level, is laborious and time-intensive, making it easy to fall behind on this vital safety protocol.

High-quality, dynamic maps are critical to almost every public safety application. With Safety Blueprint, organizations own their maps and mapping data, enabling them to quickly and securely share their assets across public safety applications and mapping platforms without additional expense or vendor lock-in.

Digital Critical Incident Mapping for Enhanced Safety Planning and Preparedness

Every building and asset in one place, for efficient and rapid response.

CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint is an intelligent response mapping solution to help you optimize incident response, safety planning, and visitor management.

Security monitors with CENTEGIX CrisisAlert and Safety Blueprint

Be ready for emergencies: Intelligent response mapping gives administrators and staff the ability to define and customize safety plans. So when an emergency happens, you can quickly disseminate campus information.

Rapid emergency response: Knowing precisely and immediately where buildings and assets are locatedAED, fire alarms, first aid kits, extinguishers, and evacuation pointsare the critical details first responders need to make the most of every second.

A single source of truth for asset management: Get rid of disparate spreadsheets and questionable version control. Staff, administrators, and other key personnel can access and update one digital map with current and precise location mapping of every building and asset.

Get More from Your Critical Incident Maps

CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint is the only dynamic digital mapping solution that empowers users to:

Precise location information

Reduce incident response time. Know the precise location of an incident and where to find the closest life safety devices.

Audio Visual Notifications icons

Understand the severity of an incident. Engage cameras at the location of the event to observe an emergency unfold in real time.

Location of visibility

Visualize where safety equipment and assets are physically located at any time without digging through multiple spreadsheets.

Analytics icon

Reduce the time needed to manage inventory, maintenance, and requisition reports by tracking expiration and inspection dates, serial numbers, notes, photos, and other critical information for every piece of safety equipment and its maintenance plan.

Audio Visual Notifications icons

Utilize alerts to take action on assets due for maintenance or replacement.

Immediate Notification icon

Expand capabilities to include additional map layers and related assets to serve IT and facilities needs.

Save Time and Money icon

Publish floor plan changes yourself, anytime. Eliminate the wait and expense of engaging an outside group to redraw maps.

Records icon

Meet—and exceed—legal requirements for maintaining critical incident maps.

Discover the Features of Safety Blueprint

The minute we receive a map in an architectural drawing or PDF is the minute it is out of date! If I have to call an architect or vendor to update maps, I waste time and money. CENTEGIX’s Safety Blueprint is the best of both worlds: we can make updates in real-time, and we don’t have to spend money every time we make a change, like consolidating rooms or adding a mobile classroom. The assessment management and inventory management capability is icing on the cake.

Chris Farkas

Chief Operations Officer, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

Prepared for Every Emergency

From disconnected and disparate to connected and cohesive, digital mapping saves lives.

With CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint, first responders have immediate access to relevant building and asset information, lessening their response time to emergencies.

All Departments Benefit

Structured layers streamline all teams and departments.

Emergency planners: Users can define zones, update room names and numbers, evacuation routes, evacuation and reunification staging areas, and shelter operations by color shapes on the map.

Safety and facilities: Designated safety and facility users can add or update safety information as the facilities’ structures and assets evolve while providing a comprehensive view of their resources including utility shutoff locations, campus security resources, IT resources, evacuation points, and other user-defined information.

Security planners: Add assets, pictures, and information about existing assets and create scenarios to support improvement requests for additional security measures.

Safety Blueprint™ is Integral to CENTEGIX’s Layered Approach to Safety

Ready to Get More
From Your Maps?

Your Questions, Answered

What is digital mapping?

Digital mapping is the process of creating, storing, and displaying geographical information digitally using specialized software. It converts real-world geographical data into digital representations and is paramount to the safety planning and preparedness process of any organization.

Why is a user-editable digital map better than a “leased” map?

Real-time updates: Make instant updates and changes to map data without having to send it to a third party for updating. This ensures the map always provides accurate information.

User collaboration: Multiple users can contribute to the map, share valuable information, and collaborate on keeping the map accurate and comprehensive.

Cost-effective: With a user-editable map, there’s no cost to make updates. Conversely, with “leased” maps, you will incur costs every time you need a third party to make an update. 

What are ways to use CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint?

Safety Blueprint™ is used for many purposes, including:

  • To store your evacuation maps for ready access. 
  • To plot your reunification points. 
  • To access critical infrastructure and assets including utility rooms, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, first aid kits, AEDs, and gas shut-off valves.
  • To collaborate with safety experts, emergency responders, and department heads to develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan.
  • To familiarize staff with the building’s layout and safety equipment locations. 
  • For new construction or temporary building planning and installation.