Whether large or small, school districts around the country face the challenge of being able to effectively gather immediate, reliable and actionable information in today’s fast-paced society. Valuable information lies in everyday interactions as well as critical moments during emergency situations and districts that are not able to capture these moments put themselves at a disadvantage in terms of safety and productivity.

Safer, More Productive Environments

CENTEGIX specializes in meeting the rapid communication needs of school leaders. We partner with school districts to provide the timely delivery of actionable information to support safe and productive education environments with our Crisis Alert and Classroom Video Solutions.


CrisisAlert™ Solution

CrisisAlert™ Benefits

Get More Out of Your Employee Safety Solution

Use CrisisAlert’s dual function Alert Badge to empower your personnel to initiate both low and high-level alerts — from a simple and more frequent “help” request to a more serious “panic” alert.

Accelerated Incident Response

Get help where it’s needed faster and know when a response is in progress, who is responding and when they arrive with StaffAlert’s pinpoint locating technology and powerful response tracking software.

Reliable Campus-Wide Coverage

Secure your entire campus with CrisisAlert’s private, proprietary “mesh” network that eliminates single points of failure, doesn’t burden the existing wi-fi infrastructure and works even when the wi-fi — or power — does not!