CENTEGIX | Case Study

Douglas County Campus-Wide Lockdown

CENTEGIX | Case Study

Douglas County Campus-Wide Lockdown

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Protect your people with CrisisAlert and Centegix


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Incident Profile

On November 20, 2019, Douglas County High School officials received an anonymous phone threat: “We’re coming to shoot up the school.”

The Response

  • A staff member used his CrisisAlert badge to initiate a campus wide alert, which allowed the staff to lock down the campus and immediately notify administrators and law enforcement
  • The alert included announcements over the intercom flashing strobes and desktop takeovers
  • The school was on a lockdown for more than an hour
  • Throughout the lockdown, teachers and administrators remained calm and responded appropriately
  • All students remained safely in their classrooms and cooperated throughout the lockdown
  • The police searched the campus and determined there was no threat
  • The lockdown was lifted and the school resumed normal operations
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Two students got into an altercation in the hallway. I was on hall duty and pressed my badge. The admin were able to find me right away and step in to stop the students…The CrisisAlert badge is great for alerting the admin quickly, which makes a huge difference.

Middle school teacher

Douglas County School System, GA

The Crisis Alert System was activated by one of our staff pressing his badge which gave notification throughout the school of the cause for concern. In terms of the notification, we heard it over the intercom, the strobes lit up and it came up on the the smart boards and monitors in the classroom and throughout the school. We were all made aware and the teachers responded appropriately.

James Strong

Head of Security, Douglas County School System, GA

3 students in a neighboring class got into an argument that was escalating quickly and almost turned into a fight. I ran to the class and use my badge to alert help. Within seconds the administrators came and help separate the students. It’s quick, easy and super efficient.

High school teacher

Douglas County School System, GA

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