CENTEGIX CrisisAlert makes headlines for the simplicity and reliability of our incident response solution.

Man attempted to breach Tampa elementary school; staff used CrisisAlert to lockdown school

A man attempted to breach Shaw Elementary School in Hillsborough County, FL on October 21, 2022; a staff member reacted by using her CrisisAlert badge to put the school into lockdown. Her quick thinking ensured her community was safe.

Clark County School District security monitor assaulted at Rancho High School in Las Vegas; CrisisAlert used to call for help

A CCSD security monitor was assaulted at Rancho High School in North Las Vegas after the building was closed for the day; CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert was used to request emergency medical help to the scene.

Inside Edition: Palm Beach County School District Approves CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

Following the deadly school shootings in Uvalde, Texas, and others around the United States, Palm Beach County School District approved the purchase of technology that will instantly link school employees with emergency services. The panic buttons are small enough to fit into a lanyard, and will soon be worn by faculty and staff members.

Mobile County Schools Leadership Discusses Benefits of CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

Leadership from Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama discuss what they are doing to keep their schools safe, including details about the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert solution they implemented.  Hear direct from Andy Gatewood, Director of Safety and Security, and Ernest Scarbrough, Deputy of Operations, about how the teachers and staff feel safer with the system in place.

One Badge. One Button.

Martin County Schools Makes the Switch to Badge from App

Every school in Martin County had a security system, but the old one worked through the phone. In an emergency, a teacher or a staff member first had to find their phone and hoped they had good cellular or wi-fi signal. They made the switch from app-based to badge-based and the new system, CENTEGIX CrisisAlert, works in seconds and is a wearable badge for quick access. 

Baldwin County Schools Gets Life-Saving Alert System

Teachers and staff at Fairhope High School are now trained to make the school a lot safer. The CENTEGIX CrisisAlert system was installed at the school and could be a springboard for other schools in the district in the future. From the front office to the classrooms, teachers and staff at Fairhope High are now empowered like never before.

School Security System ‘Game Changer’ for Hillsborough County Schools

With some Hillsborough County school campuses having more than 40-acres, the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert system is a ‘game-changer’ since school administrators and emergency personnel are able to know where the help is needed on campus.  The easy-to-use solution allows staff and administrators to immediately handle any situation, anywhere on the premises with the push of a button. 

Lee County Schools Begin Using New Security System

Ahead of the 2021-22 school year, Lee County Schools have implemented CrisisAlert to meet the requirements of Alyssa’s Law. Cape Coral Police Chief Anthony Sizemore says the system’s ability to contact law enforcement with an exact location helps first responders to arrive on scene even sooner.

Alabaster City Schools in Alabama Adding Another Layer of Safety with CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

Alabaster City Schools are making it easier for faculty and staff members to communicate in an emergency with the CrisisAlert system. They are the first school district in Alabama to install CENTEGIX CrisisAlert, which provides all teachers and staff with a wearable badge that allows them to call for help with the push of a button.

Dothan City Schools Implement New Security System

Dothan City Schools is testing CrisisAlert at three schools, allowing staff to quickly and easily call for help for emergencies – from the everyday to the extreme. CrisisAlert will soon give teachers and staff access to notify others with the click of a button.

Mobile County Public Schools Installed CrisisAlert in 29 Schools and Expanding to More

Mobile County Public Schools has installed CENTEGIX CrisisAlert in 29 of their schools and the Director of Security, Andy Gatewood, says it has already been put to good use.

The new CrisisAlert system in Mobile County public high schools and middle schools uses visual and audible cues to notify everyone no matter where they are of a situation or emergency that needs attention.


Lee County School District Staff Saves Student’s Life

Doctors said if not for the quick action by the Lee County School District staff, Mia Santiago wouldn’t be here today. In August, Mia experienced a medical emergency during class and with the CrisisAlert badge her teacher was able to quickly call for help.

Martin County School District Student and Staff Protected

When two people jumped the fence at a Martin County pre-K school, the staff jumped into action and pressed the CrisisAlert badge which triggered strobes and intercom messages. The audio and visual warnings scared the trespassers who immediately jumped back over the fence and took off. 

Frank Frangella, the Martin County School District safety and security director for the school district said it was money well spent.

McDuffie County Thompson High School

Thomson High School Placed On Lockdown After Potential Threat

Through the newly implemented Centegix CrisisAlert System, Thomson High School was then placed on lockdown within less than one minute of receiving the 911 call. According to the School System, within a matter of minutes, the threat was removed by law enforcement. 

Hillsborough County School Teachers Help Save Student’s Life

A Hillsborough County School teacher and paraprofessional jumped into action to help save a boy’s life when they noticed a child on the playground needed emergency attention. While they began to administer care they simultaneously called for help using their CrisisAlert badge. 

McDuffie County Thompson High School

McDuffie County Schools Superintendent Initiated Lockdown in Seconds

When Superintendent Mychele Rhodes activated lockdowns at two schools in her district, it only took seconds, She was able to initiate lockdowns in by using technology on her phone from CENTEGIX when she heard about a potential threat in the area from local law enforcement.