Why CENTEGIX Matters

Testimonials from staff who rely on CENTEGIX CrisisAlert every day 

Teachers Need to Feel Empowered to Keep the Learning Environment Safe

Our innovative, award-winning CrisisAlert solution equips teachers and staff with the fastest and easiest way to call for help in emergencies from the everyday to the extreme. CrisisAlert is unique for its ability to deliver precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications for campus-wide incidents, and 100% full campus coverage. With the simple push of a button on a wearable badge, an alert instantly reaches administrators and responders. 

Hear Why CENTEGIX Matters –  Directly From Teachers

Medical Scenarios

Medical events – for both student and staff – have always happened in schools, and in any such situation, every second matters to get help quickly where it is needed.

In medical incidents, it is critically important to get help quickly and to the right location. Often, the speed of response is the difference between life and death. 


When a medical emergency required immediate attention it is the quickest way to get help without taking the adult in the room away from what they are doing.”

-FL High School Teacher

In an emergency, it came in very handy. Previous years would have required a phone call to the office or clinic and a waste of precious minutes.”

-FL Elementary School Teacher

“I feel like it is a great way to have an immediate contact with administration and first responders in an emergency.”

-GA Middle School Teacher

“Because the alert goes directly to the people that need to respond, our security team and administrative team were able to quickly come to the scene and provide assistance, including calling 911. I did not have my cell phone in my pocket. If I didn’t have Centegix there would have been a considerable delay getting medical help to our staff member.”

-FL High School Teacher

“Having to work with students with different medical problems it was very easy and very safe”

-FL High School Teacher

“It’s just so easy and tracking extreme behaviors or emergency situations is streamlined as well.”

-FL K12 School

“These badges make it much easier to get help in dangerous situations. Help for adults and help for students.”

-GA Elementary School Teacher

Behavioral Scenarios

Every staff member receives a smart CrisisAlert badge, which has only one function: to empower the wearer to quickly and discreetly activate an alert. The badge vibrates to confirm receipt of the alert giving teachers peace of mind.


Better Than a Cell Phone

CrisisAlert eliminates vulnerabilities related to app-only solutions, such as weak cellular coverage and accessibility. The CrisisAlert badge enables rapid incident response to every scenario, from the everyday to the extreme. 

“It was simple, easy and quick. Dialing a phone number for the office when you have an upset student can be difficult and sometimes, you have to try multiple numbers.”

-FL Elementary School Teacher

“I now don’t have to worry if the Administrators have their phone on them and see the message or if they will answer the phone call for help.”

-AL K12 Teacher

“It is a good tool to use to alert administration to potential threats and dangers in a timely manner especially when you cannot reach the office button, a cell phone, or a computer.”

-GA Middle School Teacher

“I love the ease of pushing the button and having the administration help me when necessary. When you are dealing with a situation it is easier to access your badge than the classroom phone or a walkie talkie.”

-FL High School Teacher

“Having the CrisisAlert badges makes it easy to get the help needed, especially when certain areas can have unreliable cell phone service.”

-GA K12 Teacher

I have been teacher for 15 plus years and wish we had this all along. It makes it much simpler and quicker to recieve help, especially in a high school setting.”

-GA High School Teacher

“It was simple to use and also it resulted in a much quicker response. I did not have to leave the area where I was to call for assistance or wait for someone in the office to pick up the call so I could explain the situation.”

-GA High School Teacher

“Super easy! Also, the card is not too heavy for me to wear on my school lanyard. I appreciate that.”

– GA High School Teacher

“Centegix made it very easy to get my injured student help within minutes.”

– GA Elementary School Teacher

Easy to Use

An alert system should require very few steps for any staff member to request help. One-touch activation by clicking a single button on a body-worn device is simpler and faster than retrieving a phone from a drawer or pocket, turning it on, authenticating, and launching an app—especially under duress. Those seconds are precious when a safety incident or threat unfolds.


Feeling Safer

A consistent theme we hear from teachers and staff who use CrisisAlert is that they feel safer when wearing the CrisisAlert badge. With the badge, they know they can call for help discreetly and confidently know help is on the way to their location.

It gives me a peace of mind when there is an emergency so that I can keep myself and other students safe.”

-AL High School Teacher

The response was so fast and thankfully, my student was safe. It makes me feel safer in my school.”

-FL Elementary School Teacher

“CrisisAlert is simple to use, and is always on my lanyard. It gives a peace and comfort in knowing I can click the button 3 times to receive help.”

-GA Elementary School Teacher

“​​I feel safe for the first time in a long time, and more importantly, I feel that I can respond quickly to help keep students safe.”

-GA High School Teacher

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