Why CENTEGIX® Matters: Customer Testimonials

Hear from our customers about how our safety solutions make a difference in their communities.

Why CENTEGIX® Matters: Customer Testimonials

Hear from our customers about how our safety solutions make a difference in their communities.

Customer Testimonials

Every Story Matters: Life-Saving Stories

CENTEGIX meets the rapid communication needs of school leaders that include responding to crisis events and the emergencies that happen in schools. Our highest priority is keeping our Eagle students and staff safe, and this is another step in protecting and fortifying our schools.

Dr. Telena Wright

Superintendent, Argyle ISD, TX

Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility, so if we’re going to make that everyone’s responsibility, then everyone needs to be empowered to have a voice. These are public schools and parents entrust their children to us every day.

Michelle Mccord

Superintendent, Frenship Independent School District, TX

Our previous mobile app didn’t work because there were simply too many places on campus where the service was unavailable. We switched to CENTEGIX because there was nothing else that compared in terms of complete campus coverage and ease of use.

Frank Frangella

Chief of Safety and Security, Martin County School District, FL

The idea that anybody can call a lockdown is huge. And not only that, 911 is notified immediately, and they know who activated the lockdown and where they were located…That’s good knowledge, especially for law enforcement.

Jeremy Gulley

Superintendent, Jay School Corporation, IN

It empowers teachers to be in control of the safety of their room. They can summon a principal at the push of a button. We know where and we know who. That is a powerful technology.

Trent North

Superintendent, Douglas County Public Schools, GA

The system has a very sophisticated mapping feature that allows responders to see exactly which room or hallway the emergency is coming from and from whom. In the event of a real active shooter, we could share this information with outside police agencies who may be coming to aid us.

Paul Cordova

Police Chief, Aldine ISD, TX

With 65% of our population being transient, we can’t know everyone. CENTEGIX Enhanced Visitor Management helps us quickly identify visitors and know where they are, even if we don’t know them personally, and that is a huge relief for our staff.

Before the visitor management system and visitor badges, there were no check-ins. We didn’t know if they actually came to campus, or if they did, when and where they went. Now, they have to come into the front office, check-in and we can see where they are and have been, which has offered unexpected upside.

Kristie Brooks

Superintendent, Chattahoochee County Schools, GA

The CENTEGIX badges have been a game changer for us. There have been multiple situations, including seizures, a dislocated knee, an allergic reaction, a couple of classroom altercations, and a threatening individual, that have prompted staff to use the three-button press. Our staff response time is significantly shorter with this tool. Responders reach the incident location in 30 seconds or less, regardless of the location on campus. Thankfully we haven’t had a need to use the tool for a full school lockdown as of yet, but I’m sure it will happen, and when it does, we will be ready. The decision to move to CENTEGIX was, in my opinion, a great one.

Sara Bravo

Principal, Mandarin High School, FL

The minute we receive a map in an architectural drawing or PDF is the minute it is out of date! If I have to call an architect or vendor to update maps, I waste time and money. CENTEGIX’s Safety Blueprint is the best of both worlds: we can make updates in real-time, and we don’t have to spend money every time we make a change, like consolidating rooms or adding a mobile classroom. The assessment management and inventory management capability is icing on the cake.

Chris Farkas

Chief Operations Officer, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

This is a product that’ll benefit all staff in our district. And not just our teachers, but our custodians, our bus drivers, secretaries, food service, you name it. There’s a lot of other entities within a school district. And it allows us to provide that security—and, frankly, the quick response—for all staff.

Dr. Jim McMullen

Assistant Superintendent, Olathe Public Schools, KS

CrisisAlert is an additional measure that Brazosport ISD is taking to fortify safety measures for all our students and staff. The system’s effectiveness and ease of use provide our staff with the confidence and peace of mind necessary to maintain a secure learning environment.

Ty Morrow

Safety Director, Brazosport ISD, TX

We didn’t want to go with a system that would ask our teachers to download an app or have to fumble through a phone or have to run to a panic alert button. The CrisisAlert system is a really small device; it’s wearable… and it’s inconspicuous.

Lisa Cantu

Federal Programs Director, Mercedes ISD, TX

I don’t know of another product out there that can help control the response time to emergencies. Whether it is a whole campus situation—the unthinkable—or these different medical emergencies, or classroom events. I cannot think of anything that’s going to speed up a response the way this does, or enable as many employees to be able to get help and initiate a response.

Dr. Kim Morgan

Superintendent, Brantley County Schools, GA

I’ve spoken to several principals and several teachers throughout the entire district and everyone loves CENTEGIX. Everyone loves what they can do. What I hear mostly from staff members is they don’t have to try to communicate an emergency to administration. They can communicate an emergency through the system, and then that alerts the entire building.

Chief Tracey L. Whaley

Chief of Police, Douglas County School System, GA

For our staff, it has been mindblowing [with the badge and the safety network having access to CENTEGIX technology], they now feel valued. We now have 2,000 additional eyes and ears on the safety of not only Yakima School District, but also the community as a whole and I can tell you what a difference that has made when we talk about a comprehensive culture of safety.

Stacey Locke

Deputy Superintendent, Yakima School District, WA

Here recently, we’re averaging probably two students a week that are having medical issues and we’ve had to call ambulances in. Our staff have gotten so comfortable that they’re really hitting it now…Our response time has been in the seconds, not in the minutes. And it’s been fantastic for us.

James Perry

Chief of Police, West Georgia Technical College, GA

Safety is an everyday thing in our world. Everybody’s taking ownership in that building and letting us know what’s going on.

Ron Self

Director of Safety & Security, Little Rock School District, AR

We needed that piece that would [allow us to] respond immediately. And we felt this platform, with everything else that it does, was the best option for us.

Jim Fish

Superintendent, North Branch Area Schools, MI

We call it a force multiplier: putting this technology in the hands of more than 25,000 employees give me 25,000 sets of eyes to help keep the campus safe.

Chief John Newman

Director of Safety and Security, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

The goal is to immediately notify everyone on campus that the school is under a threat and follow safety protocols as soon as possible.

Steve Ptacek

Superintendent, Jacksonville School District 117, IL

Workplace safety [is the] number one issue not only for the schools but also throughout the nation, so this gives an extra level of security for our staff members.

Frank Stanage

Human Resources Director, Alamo Heights ISD, TX

When we evaluated dozens of solutions to comply with the panic button mandates in different states, we were impressed with CENTEGIX’s unique ability to cover every square foot of a property. Thatalong with the ease of installation and their responsive approach to customer supportled to our decision that CENTEGIX is the best solution for our properties.

Scott Jones

Director of Install, RFI Solutions, GA

The School Resource Officer from the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office stationed at Clear Creek Middle School adjacent to the transportation facility was able to use the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert System to place the school in lockdown instantly and respond immediately to arrest the individual.

Dr. Shanna Downs

Superintendent, Gilmer County School System, GA

Thanks to the CrisisAlert data, we were able to identify the need and make the case to our Board to invest in areas that needed help. A year later, our CrisisAlert data demonstrated the effectiveness of the changes we made.

Tom Parker

Director of Middle and Secondary Instruction & CTAE Director, Jefferson City School District, GA

Our local school district chose CrisisAlert to protect its staff and students and we appreciate the implementation with CENTEGIX. Alert data comes to us through our existing inbound process and does not require any additional software in our PSAP, which makes it easy to implement the solution for our staff.

Christina Mortimer

Director of Communications, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, FL

As a school administrator for over 30 years and a superintendent for 8, I don’t know of a program that has brought me more peace of mind than the CrisisAlert system. We installed this program in all of our schools in the fall of 2023. Recently, while walking through a school, a young teacher stopped me and thanked me for having the system. She told me of a story where a student had a seizure in her class. She quickly utilized the alert system and in less than a minute the administrative team and medical staff were at her door. Due to the quick response, the student was quickly stabilized and later made a full recovery at the hospital. As she relived this experience, she thanked me again for our district investing in this life saving system. I would never start a school year again without the CrisisAlert system.

Dr. Ed Nichols

Superintendent, Madison City Schools, AL

The CrisisAlert System was activated by one of our staff pressing his badge which gave notification throughout the school of the cause for concern. In terms of the notification, we heard it over the intercom, the strobes lit up and it came up on the smart boards and monitors in the classroom and throughout the school. We were all made aware, and the teachers responded appropriately.

James Strong

Head of Security, Douglas County Schools, GA

There are a couple of key features of the CENTEGIX system that are most notable from a parental perspective. you need something that is reliable, you need something that’s simplistic, and that’s ultimately where the CENTEGIX system shines above its current competitors. That wearable mobile panic button that hangs around the neck—that is lightweight, but invaluable, as far as functionality is concerned—that single button that does so much to—if it was to press—save a life, is something that really you could not put a dollar amount on.

Chris DeNoia

St. Johns County, FL

Life-Saving Stories

Because when you reduce response times, you save lives.

Every story matters. Hear CENTEGIX customers share the difference our safety solutions are making in their communities, getting critical help to where it’s needed fast and saving lives because of it.

Adults sitting around a desk working together

Life Saved at West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College has experienced numerous medical emergencies where the CrisisAlert system proved invaluable, including an incident where a staff member fell ill and became incapacitated in her office. With her CrisisAlert badge, she was able to request help before losing consciousness. Hear Chief Perry share how the incident unfolded.

Yakima School District: An Impressive Approach to Safety

When safety is a priority, students and staff feel safe coming to school and work—like in Yakima, WA. Discover Yakima School District’s impressive approach to safety—and how a life was saved within 24 hours of implementation—in our case study.

Yakima Case Study Thumbnail

Life-Saving Stories: Responding Rapidly to Medical Emergencies with the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™

When you minimize identification, notification, and response time in medical emergencies, you save lives. Discover nine life-saving stories where rapid response made the difference. Access the case study today.

Life-Saving Stories: Responding Rapidly to Medical Emergencies with the CENTEGIX Safety Platform Case Study thumbnail

How Rapid Response Made a Difference During a Henry County Schools’ Safety Incident

Hear from Henry County Schools’ leaders as they share their findings after an investigation into a recent safety incident that left a student injured and in need of medical assistance—including how CrisisAlert was used to get help to the scene quickly in just one minute.

School Day Student Cardiac Arrest

Earlier this year, a student at Avon Park High School in Avon Park, FL, collapsed after sudden cardiac arrest. Quick thinking and use of the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert badge was used to get help to the scene within two minutes. Read the full news story here.

Madisyn Miners Life Saving Story

CrisisAlert Helps Save a Life at Brantley County Schools

One teacher’s quick-thinking and use of CrisisAlert got help to the scene quickly during a medical emergency and resulted in a life being saved at Brantley County Schools in Nahunta, GA. Hear Superintendent Dr. Kim Morgan share how the event unfolded.

Child’s Life Saved in Escambia County Due to Teacher’s Quick Thinking and Use of CrisisAlert Badge

Hear from Courtney McBride, Principal of Flomaton Elementary School in Escambia County, AL, as she shares how, thanks to the CrisisAlert badge, her staff members were able to quickly and easily request medical help when a young boy started choking on a rock on the playground.

Clark County SD Security Monitor Assault; CrisisAlert Used to Get Help

A Clark County SD security monitor was assaulted at Rancho High School in North Las Vegas after the building was closed for the day; CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert was used to request emergency medical help to the scene.

Muscogee County Schools Use CrisisAlert Technology to Save Lives in Multiple Medical Emergencies

Dr. David Lewis, Superintendent of Muscogee County Schools in Georgia, shares two stories of how, through the use of the CrisisAlert technology, first responders were able to quickly and easily find staff members in his schools during medical emergencies, ultimately saving their lives.

Lee County Schools Staff Saves Student’s Life

Doctors said if not for the quick action by the Lee County Schools staff, Mia Santiago wouldn’t be here today. Mia experienced a medical emergency during class and, with CENTEGIX CrisisAlert, her teacher was able to quickly get help.

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