CENTEGIX | Case Study

Yakima School District: An Impressive Approach to Safety

CENTEGIX | Case Study

Yakima School District: An Impressive Approach to Safety

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The Challenge

After a school shooting took place at Yakima School District in March 2022, Stacey Locke, Deputy Superintendent at Yakima School District, knew that something needed to change.

Locke and her team found gaps in their original safety plan. They needed a solution that would indicate precisely where an incident was taking place and provide seamless communication to alert all staff members. After some searching, Locke came across CrisisAlert, the fastest, easiest, and most discreet way to get help in any crisis.

The Solution

On November 30, 2022, Yakima School District trained staff members on how to use CrisisAlert for the very first time. The very next day, the wearable badge saved a staff member’s life.

A school counselor was suddenly not feeling well in her office. Her vision had become blurry and she couldn’t see the numbers on the phone to dial for help, but thankfully, was wearing the CrisisAlert badge and was able to use the panic alert button before losing consciousness. By using the badge, staff and security knew precisely where the incident was taking place, which saved time and, ultimately, her life.

The Results

When the counselor lost consciousness, she slid out of her chair to the floor behind her desk where she was no longer visible to anyone passing by her office door.

With the help of CrisisAlert, staff and security knew immediately where to go and were able to get into the locked office and call 911. The counselor was rushed to the hospital and doctors reported that she had a heart attack.

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For our staff, it has been mindblowing [with the badge and the safety network having access to CENTEGIX technology], they now feel valued. We now have 2,000 additional eyes and ears on the safety of not only Yakima School District, but also the community as a whole and I can tell you what a difference that has made when we talk about a comprehensive culture of safety.

Stacey Locke

Deputy Superintendent, Yakima School District, WA

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