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Classroom Video Resources

Scheduling Recordings

The most important thing you will do with your Kloud-12 software is to set up your recordings. Follow these steps to easily set it up through the end of the year.

  1. Change Recording Type to Recurring.
  2. Choose your the Google/One Drive folder.
  3. Choose the start date and end date – it can be at the end of the year or
    grading period.
  4. Choose the days of the week for your recordings.
  5. Click Schedule.

Manage Camera View

When you view your camera for the first time, you may see that it does not adequately show a view of the entire room. You can angle the view of each quad through the yellow edit button. The controls are similar to those of a car side view mirror.

  1. Click the yellow edit button at the top right of the camera image.

  2. Hover in the top/bottom and left/right side to reveal the arrow controls.

  3. Use the arrows to pan or tilt your camera view.

  4. Use the +/- in the bottom corners of each quadrant to zoom in or out for each quad


Share My Camera

Sharing your camera keeps you in control of who sees your live feed and when access is granted. Use this button to choose the user with which you want to share your camera and then set the date and time from the drop-down menu. Only users who have been added to the Kloud-12 system in your district will be on the list. No one outside of this network is allowed to view your camera due to FERPA rules.

Completed Recordings

Finding your recordings is easy within the Kloud-12 platform. The Complete Recordings Button allows you to see a list of recordings by title in date order. From here you can download or delete these recordings from the Kloud-12 platform. You have the reassurance that there is always a duplicate copy in your cloud storage Google or One Drive as well.

Things to Remember – You have total control over your camera recordings. You schedule when others can see your camera in live view or when they can view recordings. You can share recordings with administrators for formative observations, with a coach for feedback or with colleagues in Professional Learning Communities to improve overall practice or consistency of content delivery. The choice is up to you and your colleagues. You are in control of your camera.

My Cloud Recordings

Once your recordings are running, you will want to go back and review either for self-reflection or to more closely examine an event that occurred in your classroom.

The My Cloud Recordings button makes this easy by connecting you straight to your Google or One Drive from the Kloud-12 Dashboard. Click this button to access the drop down of folders.

  1. Click on the My Cloud Recordings Button
  2. Choose the folder from the drop down menu under “Root” on the left.
  3. Choose the video that you’d like to edit.
  4. Click the blue Edit button and/or the Yellow Extract Quad button to choose a single view from the four shown in quad view.
  5. Use the play bar (triangle) to drag to the starting point and click Start Trim.
  6. Use the play bar again to drag to the stopping point and click End Trim.
  7. Rename your video at the top and choose the selection box to save as a new file.

Lecture Capture

At times it is useful to show both the lecture video alongside the supporting documentation for students. This may include a Powerpoint, annotated video or other supporting material. Through the Lecture Capture feature of Kloud-12, teachers can easily provide both through a few simple steps.

  1. Click the purple Lecture Capture button.

  2. Click the green Start Lecture Capture button and choose the screen that will appear beside your lecture.

  3. Teach as you normally would – the camera is collecting your video and aligning it with your presentation. You will NOT see the presentation on the screen, only your live camera view.

Additional Resources

Below is a list or additional resources that others have found helpful. Additionally, we are willing to assist you in locating customized resources to meet your specific needs.