CENTEGIX | Case Study

North Branch Area Schools Improve Emergency Communications with CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™

CENTEGIX | Case Study

North Branch Area Schools Improved Emergency Communications with CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™

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Incident Profile

  • On November 30, 2021, in Oxford Township, Michigan—just 20 miles south of North Branch Area Schools—a mass
    shooting took place at Oxford High School. After that
    incident, administrators at North Branch Area Schools knew they needed to do more.
  • There were multiple communication gaps that North Branch
    Area Schools wanted to fill with the CrisisAlert solution, from the ability to send an alert even with spotty cell service or a bad Wi-Fi connection to being able to initiate an alert from any location.
  • Not only does CrisisAlert solve communication gaps related
    to location, but it also allows anyone to initiate a lockdown and helps accelerate the emergency response.

The Response

  • Now in their second year of using CrisisAlert, North Branch
    administrators are able to see the difference it has made
    across their district. While they’re now prepared for the most
    extreme emergencies, principals across North Branch have
    seen CrisisAlert used primarily for everyday safety incidents,
    such as medical emergencies and student behavior.
  • As North Branch administrators look back on how the CrisisAlert solution has been received by their teachers and staff, they remark, “It gives them comfort to know that they can get ahold of somebody in the case of an emergency.”

We needed that piece that would [allow us to] respond immediately. And we felt this platform, with everything else that it does, was the best option for us.

Jim Fish

Superintendent, North Branch Area Schools, MI

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