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Workplace safety plan

Legislation Mandates Workplace Safety Plans

December 29, 2022Workplace violence in the healthcare industry has reached critical levels. Providers must live and cope with the constant stress associated with the possibility of violence. Healthcare institutions struggle to find effective ways to prevent workplace violence in healthcare and to support their employees when incidents do occur. The Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and […]Read More
Reviewing School Safety 2022

How School Leadership Creates Supportive Environments For Every Teacher

December 28, 2022District leadership does more than just create guidelines for staff, students, and parents to follow. School leadership makes or breaks school culture—and, most importantly, teacher retention. Every leader in a school district has great power. Superintendents, school board members, and school principals: all have a final say in directives and school-wide initiatives.  Instead of offering […]Read More

Want to Keep Your Teachers? Make Classrooms a Safe Space

December 28, 2022Classrooms should be safe havens for teachers and students. So what happens when that space is threatened?  Job-related stress and burnout continue to wreak havoc on the education sector. Edweek surveyed teachers and principals and found record highs for stress. “Nearly three-fourths of teachers and 85 percent of principals are experiencing frequent job-related stress, compared […]Read More
Hospital safety plan

Workplace Violence Further Burdens Under-Resourced Rural Hospitals

December 22, 2022Healthcare institutions worldwide face a host of challenges that make it increasingly difficult to provide high-quality patient care. These challenges are especially profound in rural hospitals, many of which are a community’s sole resource for quality, affordable healthcare. Rural hospitals that experience staffing challenges and struggle to support their workforce often close. As a result, […]Read More
Workplace violence in healthcare

Workplace Safety Plans Minimize Workers’ Compensation Costs

December 16, 2022Workers’ compensation insurance costs are an expensive reality for every employer. In the healthcare industry, in particular, insurance premiums are increasing, workplace violence in healthcare is on the rise, and employee turnover and absenteeism stand at an all-time high. In no other industry do institutions rely more heavily on the health of their workforce than […]Read More
Workplace violence safety plan

Create Effective Risk Management Strategies with CrisisAlert

December 8, 2022An organization’s most important asset is its employees. Healthcare workers, in particular, carry the responsibility of enacting their employers’ caregiving missions. To protect their most important asset, organizations must enact practices that keep employees safe. Controlling workplace hazards is critical to maintaining a productive, satisfied workforce. A culture of safety furthermore reduces costs: by reducing […]Read More
Workplace violence safety plan

How Data Informs Effective Resource Allocation in Healthcare

November 30, 2022A healthcare organization’s most precious resource is its people. Healthcare workers serve on the frontline of caring for others. Their well-being directly impacts patient care, the workplace climate, and an organization’s financial success. Thus, when hospital administrators and other healthcare industry decision-makers prioritize the well-being of their individual employees, the overall health of the organization […]Read More
Workplace violence safety plan

Not If, But When: How A Wearable Emergency Button Improves Communication

November 23, 2022To minimize communication failures, hospitals should implement workplace violence safety plans that focus specifically on the effectiveness and speed of communication among employees. Plans incorporating a wearable emergency button are especially good at keeping employees in constant communication. A campus-wide communication solution that generates useful data for administrators can be instrumental in improving communication among […]Read More
Healthcare safety plan

How De-escalation Protects Caregivers During Mental Health Crises

November 18, 2022Healthcare workers are front-line workers. Day in and day out, their profession requires them to interact with people who are sick, vulnerable, and potentially mentally unstable. In a workplace where crises may erupt at any moment, de-escalation is critical. Healthcare workers need access to solutions that allow them to diffuse frightening and potentially violent situations […]Read More