CENTEGIX | Case Study

Little Rock School District: Gains Full Staff Adoption

CENTEGIX | Case Study

Little Rock School District: Gains Full Staff Adoption

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Incident Profile

  • Prior to May 2022, Little Rock School District was utilizing a mobile phone-based school safety app for staff to report emergencies.
  • Only 20% of employees downloaded the app.
  • In the summer of 2022, Little Rock’s Superintendent attended a school safety conference to explore new strategies and technologies for the district, where he learned about CENTEGIX.
  • After researching CrisisAlert™, the District’s Director of Safety and Security Ron Self quickly realized how different it was from other safety technology tools that were on the market and recommended implementing the CrisisAlert solution.

The Response

  • In 2022, CrisisAlert was implemented in the district. While teachers and staff had the choice to wear and use the badge, Little Rock School District had full user adoption.
  • In addition to becoming a great retention tool as staff have mentioned feeling more protected and safe while at work, Ron also sees this tool as a means to recruit teachers.
  • Their old solution didn’t get used due to most staff members not having their phones on them to send a communication, the majority of staff not using the app, or staff responders not knowing the precise location of the incident.

Safety is an everyday thing in our world. Everybody’s taking ownership in that building and letting us know what’s going on.

Ron Self

Director of Safety & Security, Little Rock School District, AR

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