CENTEGIX | Case Study

Jefferson City School District Uses CrisisAlert™ Analytics Dashboard to Improve School Climate

CENTEGIX | Case Study

Jefferson City School District Uses CrisisAlert™ Analytics Dashboard to Improve School Climate

Situation Overview

Jefferson City (GA) SD installed CrisisAlert in early 2019. After a few months of use, staff were surprised to note one school’s reported behavioral alerts were outside the standard for the district.

Action Taken

  • At the district’s Fall retreat, a staff member provided an update on the use of CrisisAlert across the district.
  • This update included alert analytics, which demonstrated to the Board the different climate and needs in the school with the higher rate of alerts.
  • After discussion to better understand the unique needs of that school, the Board approved additional resources to improve support for students in that school.
  • The district invested in a new teacher, behavior intervention classes and small groups experiences.

The Results

  • By Spring 2020, the benefit of additional resources improved the school’s overall environment.
  • Teachers and staff reported a marked improvement in school climate.
  • CENTEGIX alert volume for the target school moved to the district average, providing the district with the data needed to measure the return on the investment of the additional resources.

A student was being verbally disrespectful to me and the situation was escalating. I like that it is a quick, silent way of contacting my administrators. They know exactly who needs help and they respond quickly.

Elementary school teacher

Jefferson City School District, GA

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I have a student that experiences seizures. Recently, he went into a seizure while he was standing up. I was trying to keep him from falling on the floor but needed help. I was wearing my CrisisAlert badge and was easliy able to get to my badge. I was able to continue to hold the sudent with the badge in my hand while using my thumb to press the button. It was not long before help was entering through both classroom doors. Having the CrisisAlert badge made getting help so much easier than it has been in the past!

Middle school teacher

Jefferson City School District, GA

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