CENTEGIX | Case Study

The Jay School Corporation: Prevention Through Partnership

CENTEGIX | Case Study

The Jay School Corporation: Prevention Through Partnership

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Staff Alerts in the 2022-2023 school year

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district in Indiana to adopt CrisisAlert™

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The Challenge

For Jeremy Gulley, Jay Schools Superintendent, safety prevention isn’t only about large-scale and newsworthy events. It’s about supporting his staff with the day-to-day school occurrences. But finding reliable emergency response technology proved difficult for Gulley and his team. In looking for more reliable solutions, Gulley and his team, including School Resource Officer Cody Jesse, visited another school with a CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ emergency response system. Soon, CrisisAlert was on all Jay School Corporation school campuses.

The Solution

Officer Jesse’s favorite part of the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert solution is that any staff member can activate a school-wide alert. Before Jay Schools partnered with CENTEGIX, an alert would have to come from the front office PA system. But what happens if a threat initiates there? “The idea that anybody can call a lockdown is huge. And not only that, 911 is notified immediately, and they have the location of who activated the lockdown with an app…That’s good knowledge, especially for law enforcement. And let’s say a shooter were to go through the school. Each time someone activates, it’s gonna give you a new location as well. You have instant knowledge of where it occurs. It saves time. You don’t have to pick up a phone to call 911. It’s already dialed. 911 help is on the way. And if your internet goes down, you’re not going to lose it. It’s reliable.”

The Results

Gulley, Jesse, and The Jay School Corporation are seeing a return on their investment in CENTEGIX CrisisAlert. Notes Gulley:

  • “We’ve had 71 instances since the start of the school year where teachers hit the three-button send-help feature. And those were student behaviors. So it might be a special needs student who the school staff member needs some help with or a student who may have an anxiety attack or a seizure, or just a situation where kids are making bad choices and a staff member needs help. So 71 times we’ve had that pressed and used.”
  • “We’ve had three medical incidents it’s been used so far this year.”
  • “We’ve had—three times—a young child run from the school, and we were able to use [the badge].”
  • “Nine altercations—kids are gonna make bad choices—and nine instances we were able to get help with that.”
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The ability to rapidly communicate a change in the security posture of school, which we now know is locked down. Doing that immediately? Huge capability. When seconds matter, we can’t wait for minutes to pass.

Jeremy Gulley

Superintendent, Jay School Corp., IN

A student had a medical emergency in the classroom. Having the badge allowed me to focus on helping the student and know that help was on the way.

High school teacher

The Jay School Corp., IN

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