CENTEGIX | Case Study

West Georgia Technical College Takes Campus Safety Seriously and Saves Lives Because Of It

CENTEGIX | Case Study

West Georgia Technical College Takes Campus Safety Seriously and Saves Lives Because Of It

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The Challenge

West Georgia Technical College facilities include a mix of modern and historical buildings, such as a former World War II-era bomb manufacturing plant with lead-lined roofs.

WGTC also has specific safety concerns as a rural college. While they do not have to account for a substantial amount of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, as an urban campus would, they do have to monitor the exteriors of their many buildings and the surrounding outdoor areas across an expansive campus.

These geographical and structural differences presents unique
challenges in communication and safety management.

The Solution

West Georgia Technical College takes a holistic, multi-layered approach to safety on their campuses that includes wearable panic buttons, a regular police presence, a safety team and regular safety meetings, extensive surveillance, and a visitor management policy.

Initially, some faculty and staff were skeptical about the CrisisAlert system. However, real-time, unplanned tests and the response to unexpected emergencies helped convert skeptics into believers, spreading positive word-of-mouth among the staff.

The Results

WGTC has experienced numerous medical emergencies where the CrisisAlert system proved invaluable, including an incident where a staff member fell ill and became incapacitated in her office. With her CrisisAlert badge, she was able to request help before losing consciousness.

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Here recently, we’re averaging probably two students a week that are having medical issues and we’ve had to call ambulances in. Our staff have gotten so comfortable that they’re really hitting it now…But we found great success and pretty good use of it lately…Our response time has been in the seconds, not in the minutes. And it’s been fantastic for us.

James Perry

Chief of Police, West Georgia Technical College, GA

Share the Impact CENTEGIX Can Make

When you reduce response time, you save lives.

Get the details on how West Georgia Technical College used the CrisisAlert solution to save a life, and then share with leaders, decision-makers, and other stewards of safety so they can see how we can help you create a culture of safety on your campus.

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