CENTEGIX | Case Study

Brantley County: Day-to-Day Emergencies Are Part of School Safety

CENTEGIX | Case Study

Brantley County: Day-to-Day Emergencies Are Part of School Safety

The Challenge

Dr. Kim Morgan, Brantley County Schools Superintendent, knew in her gut that there was something more that she could be doing to keep her students and staff safe. Some of the schools in Brantley County are older buildings. With older buildings come communication challenges—things like Wi-Fi connectivity and inconsistent intercoms—that waste valuable time in moments of crisis.

In looking for a reliable solution, Dr. Morgan and her team found the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ emergency response system.  In the fall of 2022, with the go-ahead from the Brantley County School Board and funding support from ESSER dollars, CENTEGIX installed the CrisisAlert system and officially partnered with Brantley County Schools.

The Solution

On February 7, less than a month after the staff was trained, a teacher was working one-on-one with a student. Hearing what sounded like crying, a colleague went to investigate and found a teacher falling to the floor. The investigating teacher called for help, and another teacher rushed in and pressed her CrisisAlert badge three times, alerting the school’s principal and nurse to an emergency.

Upon arriving to the classroom, the principal and nurse checked the teacher for signs of breathing and a pulse, but the teacher was not breathing. They quickly began CPR. Less than one minute later, the second wave of help arrived with the AED. While waiting for EMS to arrive, the team used the AED on the teacher twice. Thankfully, they were able to get a pulse; EMS took over and rushed the teacher to the hospital.

The Results

For Dr. Morgan, the precious seconds saved with the help of the CrisisAlert badge and notification system are proof-positive that this solution is exactly what her schools need to keep people safe. Because of this technology, help arrived in the right location at the right time.

The positive response from district staff further validates that the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert was the right decision for Brantley County Schools. Teachers send emails of praise to Dr. Morgan, noting that the investment demonstrates a genuine commitment to safety for kids and adults.

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And the doctors told her without a doubt that if the AED had not been used within the first five to six minutes that she wouldn’t be here today.

Dr. Kim Morgan

Superintendent, Brantley County Schools, GA

[I used CrisisAlert for a] student fight. I think it is a great asset to have to aid in safety and rapid response.

High school teacher

Brantley County Schools, GA

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