CENTEGIX | Case Study

Gilmer County Campus-Wide Lockdown

CENTEGIX | Case Study

Gilmer County Campus-Wide Lockdown

Incident Profile

On Thursday, February 27th, 2020, a disgruntled staff member from the transportation department threatened other employees with a loaded firearm after being terminated. This potentially violent incident occurred in the transportation office, a building close to the middle school.

The Response

  • Employees in the transportation office used radios to call 911 and to report that there was a gun on campus
  • The School Resource Officer was monitoring radio traffic and heard the messages from the transportation office; she used her CrisisAlert™ badge to initiate a campus-wide lockdown of the middle school, notifying staff and administrators of the need to shelter-in-place and secure the campus
  • The campus-wide lockdown was communicated via intercom, colored strobes, and desktop takeovers
  • The firearm was never discharged and no one was seriously injured
  • All students remained safely in their classrooms and cooperated throughout the lockdown
  • The disgruntled transportation employee was arrested by the sheriff and the lockdown was lifted, allowing students and staff to resume their normal activities
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The School Resource Officer from the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office stationed at Clear Creek Middle School adjacent to the transportation facility was able to use the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert System to place the school in lockdown instantly and respond immediately to arrest the individual.

Dr. Shanna Downs

Superintendent, Gilmer County School System, GA

The combination of having a School Resource Officer and the use of the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert System has proven invaluable to the safety and security of all students and staff in the Gilmer County school district. Having immediate notification of a potential threat on campus allowed us to act quickly, ensuring that all students and staff remained safe.


Gilmer County School System, GA

A student was having a medical emergency in another classroom and the teacher needed help. It is vital to be able to get help quickly. [CrisisAlert] is right at your fingertip to alert that you need help.

Middle school teacher

Gilmer County School System, GA

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