From time to time during my career as an education technology partner, I wondered what it would be like to work for a company with a compelling mission. A mission so audacious you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “This is a worthy cause, and I’m grateful to be helping people.” It’s rare when technology is so simple to understand and use and benefits educators every day. At the extreme, it truly saves lives.

As a new member of the CENTEGIX team, I’ve become more aware of the multitude of disruptions happening in our country today. Not just in school districts but everywhere. Being a father of a first-grade teacher, Jessica, I hear stories about misbehavior, elopement, and health-related issues. Just today, my daughter said, “if only I had a discrete way to address the issues in my class without having to stop teaching.” She went on to say, “this year, in particular, we have quite a few behavior challenges across the board – 1st to 6th grade. I have one student who throws tantrums in the classroom, another who has aggressive behavior, and two students who elope regularly. My student who throws tantrums had one today. We were working on an assignment to determine if a story title was fact or fiction. I knew this concept would be a challenge for her, so I asked her to sit with me. At first, she refused. After reminding her of her behavior chart and how I would have to let mom know she wasn’t following the directions, she threw her paper and a bucket of crayons to the floor. She stomped over to the table and then screamed and cried, told me that she hates me and that she isn’t stupid, and that she already knew how to do the assignment. I calmly explained that she could show me she understood and then return to her seat. She cried and threw herself to the floor for 15 minutes until I could finally get her calm enough to get a drink of water, regroup, and by that point, it was time to transition to lunch. My other students missed out on valuable class instruction time as I tried to diffuse the situation with her.”

I hear the ongoing frustration that Jessica and other educators feel, especially in today’s environment. Quality education is compromised as educators feel they’re not being listened to or respected. This week, I read an article that said 42% of educators have considered leaving their jobs this year. To me, this is astonishing, considering that this is their calling. They’re passionate about teaching and willing to give this up because of issues out of their control.

These stories remind me that we can do something to stop the chaos occurring in our environment today. It’s the reason I came to CENTEGIX. By offering a discrete, easy, quick way to get help when you need it most, we give educators peace of mind that they are safe and protected. Furthermore, the investment by the district shows school personnel that they are a valued asset. It shows that “we care.” 

I’ve always had a moniker that I’ve used as a provider of education technology. Our goal is to increase student performance and raise teacher effectiveness. CENTEGIX squarely hits at the heart of that statement. By creating a safer environment where teachers can get back to what they love – teaching – we empower them to thrive and excel in creating those learning moments that matter.