I have been working in healthcare for over 20 years. I have had the privilege of being a part of world-class organizations that provide innovative and, in some cases, life-changing medical devices and services to patients across the country. I have been in the operating room with some of the most talented and hardest working doctors and nurses while they remove cancerous tumors from patients. I have seen patients who have struggled with back pain for years get procedures that alleviate their debilitating struggle. These healthcare workers have proved to me over and over again without even trying that they have every patient’s best interests in mind and in many cases will work tirelessly to do what they can to make our lives better. I am extremely proud to have been even a small part of some of these successful medical procedures, standing in the same rooms with these doctors and nurses as they deliver first-class medical care.  

I was recently made aware of the growing epidemic of violence in healthcare. Specifically, assaults on healthcare workers. To learn about the increased rates of violence perpetrated on some of the same people that I worked with was jarring. Equipped with that knowledge, I began to seek out opportunities with organizations that are in a position to make an impact on this increasingly tenuous environment. I found one. CENTEGIX is a mission-driven organization that was created to empower people during emergencies, from the everyday emergencies to the most extreme. CENTEGIX CrisisAlert provides healthcare workers with the support they need to be able to stay focused on delivering the critical care that we need as patients.

I am extremely excited as a member of the CENTEGIX team to now have an opportunity to bring the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert solution to hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers and staff. If you are a healthcare worker or know a healthcare worker, please reach out to me to learn about how we can help in mitigating this pervasive problem. At CENTEGIX, we are committed to empowering nurses and staff to call for help in the everyday and the extreme. We are here to help. You’ve got our back. We’ve got yours.

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