Protecting Martin County Schools

WPBF 25 NEWS Video Transcript

Ari Hait, WPBF 25 NEWS 00:00:

Every school in Martin County had a security system, but the old one worked through the phone. So if something went wrong, a teacher or a staff member, well, first they have to find their phone. Then they had to open the app and they had to hope they had good signal. All of that takes time. This new system works in seconds. The school district’s director of safety and security showed us how the system works.

Frank Frangella, Director of Safety and Security 00:22:

By simply repeatedly pressing this button.

Ari Hait, WPBF 25 NEWS 00:34:

One button on one card. That’s all it takes. It’s called the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert and it’s now installed in all schools in Martin County.

Frank Frangella, Director of Safety and Security  00:42:

Every single staff member in our district has one of these cards. And if they see something, they can set this off and put the school in lockdown within seconds.

Ari Hait, WPBF 25 NEWS 00:55:

The button triggers a flashing light and a recorded message letting everyone know what to do.

The button also sends an alert to not just the school district and the school resource officer, but to every police officer in the area. It’s a cry for help that everybody will hear.

Frank Frangella, Director of Safety and Security  01:17:

In our business seconds matter. You want to get help there as quickly as possible.

Ari Hait, WPBF 25 NEWS 01:20:

The system also includes a way for administrators and police to sound the alarm for lesser emergencies, a potential danger outside the school or a weather emergency. And what it’s also done is give teachers peace of mind, knowing they have an easy way to call for help.

Nicole Rathnaw, J.D. Parker Elementary 01:37:

This system has been able to give us that gap in communication so that we can do our jobs because unless the kids are safe, they’re not gonna learn.

Frank Frangella, Director of Safety and Security 01:46:

It’s very simplistic to use. It’s very effective and it gets the message out and we get the help that we need.


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