Introduces Healthcare Advisory Board of Healthcare Veterans with Long-Standing Excellence in the Industry 


ATLANTA, March 27, 2024 – CENTEGIX, the leading wearable safety technology provider, announces the launch of its CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ for hospitals and health systems, a cloud-based integrated solution designed to initiate the fastest response time to safety incidents across any hospital campus.

Healthcare workers are some of the most threatened in the workplace as violence against healthcare staff continues to rise. In the last year, 81.6% of nurses say they have experienced a workplace violence incident. Dozens of health systems and hundreds of sites rely on CENTEGIX’s dynamic digital mapping, real-time locating capabilities, and easy-to-use wearable duress buttons that enable healthcare administrators to plan for and respond faster to emergencies. In addition to CrisisAlert™, the most used wearable badge-based incident response solution, and visitor management capabilities, the Safety Platform will include new mapping technology—CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint™—which offers healthcare facilities:

  • Designated Zones: To meet the complex needs of providing safety to healthcare facilities, Safety Blueprint feature will designate zones for responders. Responders will be notified only when they are needed to respond to an alert in their department’s zone. 
  • Adaptive Technology: This feature ensures onsite responders only receive alerts when they are working. This is essential as healthcare workers often have rotating schedules and healthcare facilities rarely close. 

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ provides complete campus coverage that extends beyond the building’s walls to offer protection from ambulance bays and parking structures to atriums and exterior courtyards. The private, managed communications network pinpoints location details campus-wide without relying on Wi-Fi or cellular service. 

“The healthcare workers who protect us are among the most threatened in their workplace,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX. “Our Safety Platform provides healthcare staff reassurance that their employer prioritizes their safety and that they’re committed to workplace violence prevention.”

The design of the Safety Platform is based on CENTEGIX’s experience supporting frontline workers in various industries, predominantly K-12 educators, who also experience workplace safety concerns. Similar to our schools, when healthcare facilities prioritize employee safety, we see a significant rise in quality of care, job satisfaction, and employee retention. 

CENTEGIX also launched its Healthcare Advisory Board of five founding members who have demonstrated excellence and notable accomplishments in the healthcare industry. The members of the Healthcare Advisory Board are:

  • Dr. Kevin Klauer, CEO, American Health Information Management Association​, will serve as Chair of the CENTEGIX Healthcare Advisory Board. Klauer is the former CEO of the American Osteopathic Association and a former emergency medicine physician.
  • Jack Hodge, Vice President of Medlytix, a healthcare consulting and technology company specializing in the field of predictive analytics. 
  • Jennifer Schmitz, Vice President, Client Engagement for Engage, a subsidiary of the Emergency Nurses Association, and 2022 ENA President.
  • Nancy Shendell-Falik, Former President and SVP of Hospital Operations at Baystate Health, and prior SVP and Chief Nursing Officer at Tufts Medical Center. 
  • Dr. Steven J. Stack, Commissioner of the Kentucky Department for Public Health and Chief Medical Officer for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He is also a former American Medical Association President and a former ER physician. 

I’m honored to be selected to Chair CENTEGIX’s first Healthcare Advisory Board,” said Dr. Klauer. “Where patient safety and optimizing clinical outcomes have always been a focus in healthcare, solutions to ensure a safe work and care environment have tragically not kept pace.  CENTEGIX is about to change the landscape of workforce safety in the healthcare industry. Our Board includes members who have rich experiences and insights that can help CENTEGIX to bring the voices and ideas of healthcare workers and experts into their healthcare solutions.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to join my colleagues and leaders in the healthcare industry on the CENTEGIX Healthcare Advisory Board,” said Jennifer Schmitz. “It’s imperative to the future of healthcare that we take steps to foster a safe and nurturing work environment for frontline workers. There isn’t a magic fix-all for workplace violence in the healthcare setting, but with proactive and multi-layered safety plans, we can make improvements to better protect our healthcare staff. CENTEGIX is a part of that solution.”

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