CrisisAlert Approved by the Florida Department of Education as the Badge Solution for School Safety Regulation 

ATLANTA, GA (February 18, 2021)  – The Florida Department of Education has approved CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert emergency management solution for public school districts to comply with the newly passed Alyssa’s Law. Alyssa’s Law, named after Parkland shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff, mandates Florida public and charter schools to install a panic alarm system activated by a mobile device to silently notify law enforcement of emergencies or life-threatening situations.


CENTEGIX’s award-winning CrisisAlert solution is best distinguished by a wearable badge that empowers all teachers and staff to request help easily and discreetly from anywhere on campus. The solution enables 100% user adoption, unlike mobile apps that have historically low adoption rates, and it does not require teachers and staff to have a smartphone, which may not be equitably available.

CrisisAlert currently protects over 1 million students and staff nationwide and was recently featured in the news for being installed in Martin County and Hillsborough County, one of Florida’s largest school districts.

Meeting Alyssa’s Law Requirements

CrisisAlert goes above and beyond the requirements of Alyssa’s Law by delivering precise, room-level alert location accuracy within buildings, immediate audio and visual incident notifications (including lighted strobes, on-screen messages, and two-way radio integration), simple activation via a CrisisAlert badge, and 100% full campus coverage.

“We are pleased to be selected by the Florida Department of Education and look forward to working with even more districts to ensure they comply with the Alyssa’s Law deadline. Our experience with districts from Florida and across the country confirms that a wearable solution like CrisisAlert is the best option because it ensures everyone has the ability to activate an alert, is easy to use, and activates in an instant during an emergency,” said CENTEGIX CEO Matthew Stevens.


CENTEGIX™ innovates technology to save and enrich lives. Our CrisisAlert™ solution is an IoT incident alert platform that utilizes a wearable badge, mobile and desktop applications, and a mesh network to provide campus-wide protection.

CrisisAlert is a force multiplier, allowing staff and security professionals to request assistance and implement emergency protocols for incidents from the everyday to the extreme. We exceed the limitations of legacy communications devices and single-dimensional mobile apps, because in a crisis: Every. Second. Matters.