Dothan City Schools Implement New Security System

News 4 Video Transcript

Reginald Jones, News 4 (00:00):
A new security system is in its testing phase at three Dothan City Schools. News 4 education reporter, Meredith Blair, joins us live in the studio. Meredith, how does the system work?

Meredith Blair, News 4 (00:12):
Reg, in the coming weeks, teachers and staff at Dothan High, Dothan Prep and Carver Ninth Grade Academy will have a device clipped on the back of their ID badge, and it could potentially save lives.

Steve Parrish, Safety Coordinator, Dothan City Schools (00:24):
The Stoneman shooting down in Portland, Florida was over in four and a half minutes from the time the shooter walked in the building until it was until he was gone.

Meredith Blair, News 4 (00:32):
When a dangerous situation occurs, every second counts.
CrisisAlert will soon give teachers and staff at Dothan city schools access to notify others with the click of a button.

Whitney Bailey, 7th Grade Teacher, DPA (00:51):
It’s not only safer for the teachers, it’s also safer for the students. It allows us to get immediate responses to emergency situations.

Meredith Blair, News 4 (00:59):
School resource officers and administration and emergency personnel can see on a digital map where a crisis alert was pushed.

Steve Parrish, Safety Coordinator, Dothan City Schools (01:07):
If there’s a fight in the hall and one of the staff members sees it, they hit the button three times and it shows ’em right where the emergency is.

Meredith Blair, News 4 (01:15):
A variety of alerts are part of the system all intended to notify, help as quickly as possible.

Steve Parrish, Safety Coordinator, Dothan City Schools (01:21):
The benefits are not only from a lockdown active shooter standpoint, but critical seconds could be shaved off something such as a weather alert.

Whitney Bailey, 7th Grade Teacher, DPA (01:32):
We can not worry about calling the office and talking to them. We can just push and start responding to whatever situation is happening.

Meredith Blair, News 4 (01:38):
Giving those at Dothan city schools, some peace of mind.
At today’s emergency 911 meeting the district board approved Parrish’s request to integrate CrisisAlert into the Houston County dispatch center. This means a few button clicks will notify dispatchers before someone at the school has a chance to call for help. Back to you, Reg.

Reginald Jones, News 4 (02:01):
Meredith, thanks a lot. Teachers and staff in the secondary schools will undergo training on how to use the device. If proven successful, the plan is to eventually expand the CrisisAlert system to all Dothan City schools.


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