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Why CENTEGIX for Healthcare?

October 25, 2022"Equipped with that knowledge, I began to seek out opportunities with organizations that are in a position to make an impact on this increasingly tenuous environment. I found one. CENTEGIX is a mission-driven organization that was created to empower people during emergencies, from the everyday emergencies to the most extreme."Read More
Workplace violence in healthcare

Wearable Safety Badges Respond to Workplace Violence in the ED

October 7, 2022Workplace violence is an unfortunate reality for emergency room personnel across the United States. According to the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), nearly half of emergency physicians have experienced violence in the Emergency Department (ED) and 80 percent of emergency physicians said that violence in the ED was harming patient care. Though everyone understands […]Read More
Wearable Emergency Buttons Aid in Protecting and retaining Healthcare Workers

A Discreet Response to an Emergency Situation

September 29, 2022A scary trend is happening in our country: workplace violence is rising. In 2020, workplace assault resulted in 20,050 injuries and 392 fatalities in the United States. Industries like healthcare and education hold some of the highest rates of attacks at the workplace, as well as some of the largest shortages of workers. Every place […]Read More
Violence in healthcare

Keep Your Team Safe from Workplace Violence in Healthcare

September 23, 2022The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) defines workplace violence as “… any physical assault, threatening behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the work setting.”  Studies show that healthcare workers, and nurses, in particular, are at a much higher risk of encountering workplace violence than most other professions.  With so many contributing factors, […]Read More
Wearable Emergency Buttons Aid in Protecting and retaining Healthcare Workers

Wearable Emergency Buttons Aid in Protecting and Retaining Healthcare Workers

September 14, 2022The safety and security of caregivers in healthcare settings are paramount. To provide quality care, nurses, nursing assistants, doctors, and other hospital employees must work in a secure environment. Unfortunately, their safety is under threat. Incidents of workplace violence in healthcare have dramatically increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the US […]Read More
School Alert System Data Collection Aids in Equitable Resource Allocation

What Does a School Alert System Have to do with Equitable Resources in Schools?

September 9, 2022Many school districts across the US are pursuing more equitable practices in hiring, resource allocation, and teaching practices. A growing understanding of the wide variety of student needs and reasons for disparities has motivated school districts to establish new, more equitable policies. Educational equity ensures that schools offer equal opportunities for learning. This does not […]Read More

Heads Up: Here’s Why You’ll Never Get An Email During An Actual Fire

September 8, 2022Using a safety app to notify staff of an emergency is the equivalent of pulling a fire alarm and only notifying the fire department. Learn why notifying everyone is important. CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ creates clear communication and empowers everyone to quickly take action. Read More
Factors Affecting Teacher Retention

Effective Strategies for Retaining Qualified Teachers

August 25, 2022Teachers’ skill sets, experiences, and interests accumulate and shift throughout their careers. Teachers’ energy for taking on new challenges may change over time, and professional development and training deepen their capabilities. Depending on a school’s staffing needs, it may be seeking to recruit younger teachers with fresh perspectives, experienced instructors with specialized knowledge, or teachers […]Read More
School Safety Positively Impacts School Climate

School Safety Positively Impacts School Climate

August 19, 2022The fresh scent of fall is in the air. Schools have opened their doors to welcome students back for the 2022-2023 school year. Now is a time of renewed hope and energy for a safe and productive school year. School safety is a top priority for everyone returning to in-person learning, from parents to teachers […]Read More
CENTEGIX school alert system promotes equitable safety policies in schools

Using A School Alert System To Help Close Equity Gaps in Schools

August 12, 2022Equitable decision-making in schools strives to achieve the best possible outcome for all. District leaders who prioritize equity recognize that different circumstances characterize every school and classroom and allocate the specific resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome. A focus on equity is a focus on ensuring that all students have the support […]Read More
teacher recruitment and teacher retention strategies

Improve Teacher Recruitment with an Upgrade to Your School Safety Plan

August 5, 2022Teacher turnover is an issue affecting school districts across the country. Not only are teachers leaving the profession at higher rates, but many teachers are also moving schools and school districts. This phenomenon, called migration, accounts for half of the teacher turnover affecting schools and districts. Districts that serve higher-poverty areas are experiencing this loss […]Read More

CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ and Mobile Apps: Examining Emergency Response Solutions Post-Uvalde

August 3, 2022When a Crisis Occurs, an App Is Not Enough. We know the factors that led to the tragic outcome at Uvalde, Texas: a critical breakdown in communication resulting in first responder delays and widespread confusion on what was happening in real time.Read More
CENTEGIX CrisisAlert badge summons help immediately

A Modern School Safety Plan Must Address Today’s Challenges

July 21, 2022Educators enter the teaching profession because they want to contribute to their students’ and communities’ success. Unfortunately, the teaching mission is no longer just about educating students, it’s about classroom safety and management more than ever before. Increases in behavior and safety incidents in schools create environments in which teachers don’t feel safe and secure. […]Read More
teacher retention

How School Safety Plans Improve Teacher And Student Well Being

July 13, 2022Your school safety and security helps with teacher retention and prevents teacher burnout by helping with day-to-day challenges. Learn how CrisisAlert data can be used and applied to school improvement and response for additional support. Read More
School alert systems that alert everyone

Alert Everyone: Everyone, Every time, Everywhere

July 7, 2022Teachers and school staff today know to expect anything at their place of employment. School occurrences range from health emergencies, fights, and misbehavior to the most terrifying catastrophes like an intruder or active shooter. A school alert system needs to be equipped to direct an immediate response to the right location by the person most […]Read More
CENTEGIX CrisisAlert badge addresses student elopement

How to Address Student Elopement

June 29, 2022Student behavior incidents are on the rise since students have returned to their school buildings on a full-time basis. Many students, particularly those in elementary school who are returning or attending in-person for the first time after long COVID-related school closures, are not acclimated to the school schedule and teacher expectations. Every school needs a […]Read More
Quality teacher retention program

Building a Teacher Retention Program

June 24, 2022You’re probably familiar with the adage: “practice makes perfect.” Though perfection is a lofty goal, practice does make a person significantly more skilled than when they first attempt to do something.  Unsurprisingly, the same goes for teaching. Like you would expect to see in most professions, more experience often makes for more successful teachers. However, […]Read More
Help teachers de-escalate situations

How a School Alert System Helps Staff De-Escalate Incidents

June 17, 2022Nobody wants a crisis to occur at school, yet educators know that it’s not a matter of if a situation will occur, but when. When a conflict, crisis, or medical emergency occurs on campus, it falls on the teachers and staff to quickly assess and de-escalate situations. A wearable emergency button can assist when this […]Read More
CrisisAlert for your School Safety Plan

Does Your School Safety Plan Help Teachers Call for Help?

June 10, 2022While we’ve all been impacted by COVID-19, educators have been hit especially hard by the changes brought on by the pandemic. They’ve had to navigate a tumultuous and ever-shifting landscape, moving from in-person learning to virtual learning, to hybrid learning, then back again to in-person classes. They’ve had to navigate changing recommendations around vaccines, social […]Read More

Incident Alert Leader CENTEGIX Commends New York for Passing Alyssa’s Law

June 7, 2022CENTEGIX applauds the New York state legislature for passing Alyssa’s Law legislation. This legislation requires New York public schools to consider panic alarm systems that silently alert law enforcement in the event of a school emergency, as part of their safety plan review.Read More

CENTEGIX Partners with Make Our Schools Safe To Drive Adoption of Mobile Panic Buttons in Schools Nationwide

May 17, 2022CENTEGIX announces that it has partnered with Make Our Schools Safe (MOSS) to drive the adoption of mobile panic solutions in schools nationwide.Read More

CENTEGIX Announces 270% Increase in Demand for CrisisAlert

May 10, 2022Expansion in Business Development and Advisory Board Increases Access to CrisisAlert.Read More

Supporting a Productive Learning Environment: How SROs and Safety Teams can Empower Staff so They Can Focus on the Moments that Matter

April 27, 2022Increasingly, school districts are turning to new emergency response solutions to protect their staff and as technology innovates, so do the options schools have to best protect students and staff. How do school systems evaluate and choose the most effective emergency notification solutions?Read More

CENTEGIX Names Mr. Salik Rahman to the position of Chief Sales Officer

April 5, 2022CENTEGIX announces the appointment of Salik Rahman to the position of Chief Sales Officer. Mr. Rahman's priorities include leading a direct and channel sales force to broaden access to CrisisAlert.Read More