Sixth-Largest School District in the U.S. to Install Dynamic Digital Mapping Solution to Accelerate Emergency Response and Comply with Florida HB301 and School Mapping Data Grant Program


ATLANTA – March 25, 2023 – CENTEGIX, the industry leader and largest wearable safety technology provider for K-12 education, today announced that Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the sixth-largest school district in the nation and the second-largest in the state of Florida, has approved the purchase and implementation of CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint™, a dynamic digital mapping solution, for 329 sites within its school district.

The BCPS School Board selected CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint following a competitive evaluation process that found it to be the most comprehensive digital mapping solution to meet the needs of the BCPS school district. This decision was made to comply with HB301, which encourages Florida school districts to utilize emergency mapping data by allocating funding through the School Mapping Data Grant Program.

Safety Blueprint provides a dynamic, multilayered map of all campus facilities and spaces, including the precise location of all safety assets, to optimize incident management, emergency response, and safety planning. Safety Blueprint enables asset management with information on asset status, integrates with other safety solutions, and provides an interactive map that customers own and can update immediately as needed.

CENTEGIX is a leading provider of school safety solutions in Florida. Its CrisisAlert solution has been selected by approximately 35% of Florida’s public K-12 schools, protecting nearly one million Florida students and over one hundred thousand school staff members, making CENTEGIX the fastest-growing and most used wearable panic button provider in Florida.

“Mapping has always been a critical part of our safety solutions and our technology has mapped over 850,000 assets,” Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX. “We understand that maps are valuable when they are current, immediately accessible, and shared with local responders. We look forward to working with Broward County Schools to deploy Safety Blueprint. By providing accurate, real-time maps of the buildings on campus to law enforcement, incidents can be addressed quickly and lives can ultimately be saved.”

About Safety Blueprint

CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint provides a user-editable architecture map of all buildings and spaces, overlaid with safety and security assets such as AED, fire alarm, first aid kits and extinguishers, cameras, and access control technology points. Additional layers can be added, enabling multiple departments to view their own department-level assets and share the precise location and details for each asset. Assets also have digital tags that allow customers to manage expiration dates with custom notifications. Users can easily update and edit the architecture map at any time without having to re-engage an architect for every change to a floor plan, large or small. Changes made to the core map are immediately reflected on all existing layers. Safety Blueprint can also be used for evacuation and reunification planning, new construction, or temporary building planning and installation.


CENTEGIX® is the industry leader and largest wearable safety technology provider for K-12 education with over 600,000 badges in use. The cloud-based CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ initiates the fastest response time for emergencies campus-wide. Leaders in over 11,500 locations nationwide trust CENTEGIX’s innovative safety solutions to empower and protect people (every day).

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