(Atlanta, GA) November 28, 2022 – Jay School Corporation of Portland, IN, has chosen the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ solution to install in their schools. Jay School Corporation includes six schools – five elementary and one high school– over 3,000 students, and nearly 400 teachers and staff.  One of the first in the state to install the solution, Jay Schools look forward to using the CrisisAlert system to empower their teachers and staff to call for help when they need it. 

“We chose CENTEGIX CrisisAlert because we wanted a simple, proven and reliable notification system to rapidly lock down a school building and quickly get help,” said Jeremy Gulley, Superintendent of Jay School Corporation. He continued, “The implementation support from CENTEGIX has been great. Their support teams were responsive throughout our implementation and ensured everything works as advertised. We have already seen the system used by staff who need assistance with medical issues or other situations when help is needed quickly. Our parents and community also appreciate knowing we take school safety seriously. CrisisAlert empowers all of our staff to initiate an instant response in the event of a crisis.”

“We’re thankful to have been chosen by Jay School Corporation. School safety is top-of-mind for everyone, so we look forward to helping them create a safer learning environment for their students and staff with the CrisisAlert solution,” shared Brent Cobb, CENTEGIX CEO.

CENTEGIX’s award-winning CrisisAlert solution empowers staff with the fastest and easiest way to call for help in emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme. CrisisAlert is unique for its ability to deliver precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications (including lighted strobes, screen messages, and intercom integration) for campus-wide incidents, and 100% full campus coverage. With the simple push of a button on a wearable badge, an alert instantly reaches administrators and responders. Since its launch, the CrisisAlert solution has delivered over 100,000 alerts.


CENTEGIX is the leader in incident response solutions. Our CrisisAlert solution is the fastest and easiest way for staff to call for help in any emergency, from the everyday to the extreme. CENTEGIX creates safer spaces by innovating technology to empower and protect people, and leaders nationwide trust our safety solutions to provide peace of mind. To learn more about CENTEGIX, visit www.centegix.com.