Texas School District Protects Students and Staff with State-of-the-Art Incident Alerting Solution


(Atlanta, GA) March 16, 2021 – The Argyle Independent School District (Texas) has partnered with K12 safety and security expert FiveStones Safety to implement the award-winning CENTEGIX™ CrisisAlert™ solution to increase safety and security on its campuses. CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert platform communicates alerts for everyday incidences, such as medical emergencies to student altercations, to extreme events needing campus-wide lockdowns, such as credible gun threats or severe weather.

“CENTEGIX provides a distinctive approach to safety and security solutions to school districts. CENTEGIX meets the rapid communication needs of school leaders that include responding to crisis events and the emergencies that happen in schools. Our highest priority is keeping our Eagle students and staff safe, and this is another step in protecting and fortifying our schools,” said Dr. Telena Wright, Superintendent, Argyle ISD.

In the event of a school emergency, the solution connects communications across the district, to local law enforcement and provides first responders with precise location information enabling them to respond faster in any situation. The incident alerting solution features simple activation via the CrisisAlert badge and 100% full campus coverage. 

“This product provides us the ability to enhance the communication in an emergency response. This will allow our Argyle ISD police department a faster response time by pinpointing the nature of the emergency,” said Argyle ISD Chief of Police, Paul Cairney. “It also continues to show our community the commitment to safety and protecting our campuses.”

Argyle partnered with FiveStones Safety for its expertise in comprehensive safety and security solutions to K-12 schools across Texas. FiveStones Safety’s team of experts works around district schedules to implement their solutions without disruption to students, faculty, and staff.  

“School districts small and large face increased demands for safety while experiencing shrinking budgets. The CrisisAlert platform enables K-12 schools to accomplish their safety plans in the most effective and fiscally responsible approach. This innovative technology can be implemented quickly, without requiring construction to open up walls for rewiring, costly software packages, or rip out and replacement of current systems,” said Matthew Stevens, CEO of CENTEGIX.

The Argyle ISD project is the second CrisisAlert installation in Texas after CENTEGIX announced its expansion to the state in September of 2020 and is now available state-wide.

About FiveStones Safety

FiveStones Safety delivers comprehensive safety and security solutions to K-12 schools across the state of Texas. Our collaborative team of industry experts develops customized programs that help you achieve your goals. To learn how FiveStones Safety helps K-12 schools, visit www.fivestonessafety.com


CENTEGIX™ innovates technology to save and enrich lives. The CrisisAlert™ solution is an IoT incident alert platform that utilizes mobile and desktop applications along with a mesh network to provide property-wide protection. CrisisAlert is a force multiplier, allowing staff and security professionals to request assistance and implement emergency protocols from anywhere. CrisisAlert goes well beyond the limitations of legacy communications devices and single-dimensional apps because in a crisis: Every. Second. Matters. To learn more about CENTEGIX, please visit www.centegix.com