With 100% user adoption, the CrisisAlert wearable badge has helped staff in over 3200 incidents.

(Atlanta, GA) November 9, 2021 – CENTEGIX announces its first Alyssa’s Law Update report that provides data and insights into CrisisAlert usage in Florida since the start of the school year. 

Earlier this year, the Florida Department of Education (DOE) approved the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert solution for school districts to comply with Alyssa’s Law. CrisisAlert was installed and certified in over 600 Florida schools for the start of the school year. 

CrisisAlert is unique among mobile panic button providers because it has 100% user adoption and achieves the legislation objective to equip all staff with the ability to call 911. CrisisAlert’s wearable badge empowers all teachers and staff to request help easily and discreetly from anywhere on campus. The solution enables 100% user adoption, unlike mobile apps with historically low adoption rates, and does not require teachers and staff to have a smartphone, which may not be equitably available.

Teachers and staff have used CrisisAlert to call for help in over 3200 emergencies since the beginning of the school year. They have initiated alerts for everyday events such as medical emergencies and behavior situations to more extreme incidents such as campus-wide events. 

While the initial driver for Alyssa’s Law was a campus-wide threat, platform data indicates 97% of CrisisAlert usage is for helping staff with everyday emergencies. 

“Having a way for every staff member, at their fingertips, to notify first responders to get there as quickly as possible makes all the difference in the world,” said Frank Frangella, the Martin County School District safety and security director.

The Alyssa’s Law Update report includes detailed user survey feedback that demonstrates how staff value CrisisAlert and its contributions to a positive learning environment. Staff report that incident response times are improved, and teachers feel safer and have peace of mind to focus on teaching. 

“Because all staff have a badge, CrisisAlert meets Alyssa’s law requirements to ensure that all staff can call 911, and CrisisAlert exceeds the requirements because it provides precise alert location. For campus-wide events, lighted strobes, screen messages, and intercom messages ensure that everyone on campus knows what to do in an emergency, unlike mobile phone apps, which notify only those who may have downloaded the applications,” said Brent Cobb, President of CENTEGIX. 

CENTEGIX will host a webinar on November 11th at 1 PM eastern to review the Alyssa’s Law Update report and share recent CrisisAlert case studies. To register, visit https://www.centegix.com/alyssas-law-report-webinar/ 


CENTEGIX innovates technology to save and enrich lives. Our CrisisAlert™ solution is an IoT incident alert platform that utilizes a wearable badge, mobile and desktop applications, and a mesh network to provide campus-wide protection. CrisisAlert is a force multiplier, allowing staff and security professionals to request assistance and implement emergency protocols for incidents from the everyday to the extreme. CENTEGIX protects over 1.5 million students and staff in over 1,600 locations nationwide. We exceed the limitations of legacy communications devices and single-dimensional mobile apps, because in a crisis: Every. Second. Matters. To learn more about CENTEGIX, please visit www.centegix.com