CrisisAlert Usage Increases 20%; School Safety Efforts Improve Teacher Retention

(Atlanta, GA) June 8, 2022 – CENTEGIX released its Spring 2022 School Safety Trends Report, and CrisisAlert usage data indicates a continued increase in use for everyday safety events – primarily behavioral and medical emergencies – representing 98% of all Staff Campus-Wide alerts. Since its inception, the CrisisAlert platform has delivered over 100,000 alerts. The data supports the impacts the COVID pandemic had on student behavior upon returning to the classroom. Data and user feedback also show that safety efforts positively affect school culture and teacher retention and recruitment efforts. 

The Spring 2022 School Safety Trends Report evaluates safety incidents since the start of 2022, and the highlights include:

  • Providing safety and security solutions for teachers and staff is important for teacher retention and recruitment.
  • The rate of safety incidents continues to trend upwards, and elementary schools continue to be the highest users.
  • Safety incidents occur across a campus, not only in the classroom.
  • Teachers prefer the badge to call for help as opposed to traditional options like wall-mounted panic buttons or mobile phones.
  • Discretion is crucial for de-escalation, which traditional safety alert options can’t provide.
  • CrisisAlert has 100% adoption; the badge is easiest to use.

Understanding this data and the impact these incidents have on the learning environment and teacher retention and recruitment is critical for districts of all sizes. Teachers need to feel empowered to keep the learning environment and themselves safe.

Mr. Jay Floyd, Superintendent of Hart County Charter System (GA), further underscores the importance of empowering teachers and staff. “We get into highly competitive recruiting for the very best teachers. And so just about every single time, the seal of the deal for our principals is they go over our safety and security plan and they go over what we have available for CrisisAlert. This is what you have available to you in the classroom. And more times than not, that usually seals the deal.”

We’ve also received feedback from teachers and staff that have used the CrisisAlert platform:

“In the event of any crisis, whether it is an altercation or worse, there is no delay in receiving the appropriate support immediately. No ambiguity communication because there is no verbal communication. It is a fantastic system.” – Middle school teacher (FL)

“It’s a sense of security to know I can push the button and get administration to the scene quickly. It’s also a peace of mind to know if there was a serious situation (like an active assailant) we could get help immediately.” – High school teacher (FL)

“The badge worked exactly the way it was demonstrated during our training. I knew that I could push the button and help would come, so I could take action to stop the fight by calling people who were trained to manage the situation and who could intervene.” – High school teacher (GA)

Our innovative, award-winning CrisisAlert solution equips teachers and staff with the fastest and easiest way to call for help in emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme. CrisisAlert is unique for its ability to deliver precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications (including lighted strobes, screen messages, and intercom integration) for campus-wide incidents, and 100% full campus coverage. With the simple push of a button on a wearable badge, an alert instantly reaches administrators and responders.

“We empower teachers to get help when they need it – in the easiest way possible. Every incident demands a fast, reliable response, including who needs help and where,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX. “Our wearable CrisisAlert badge gives educators peace of mind and confidence to know help is on the way when an emergency occurs.”

CENTEGIX will host a webinar on June 23rd at 2PM eastern during which educators will discuss the role and impact a culture of school safety plays in teacher recruitment, retention, and wellness. Attendees will gain insight into the tools, resources, and ongoing support systems that not only ensure teachers feel supported and safe in the school, but feel committed to staying in the profession. To register, visit our registration page.


CENTEGIX is the leader in incident response solutions. Our CrisisAlert platform is the fastest and easiest way for staff to call for help in any emergency, from the everyday to the extreme. CENTEGIX creates safer spaces by innovating technology to empower and protect people, and leaders nationwide trust our safety solutions to provide peace of mind. To learn more about CENTEGIX, visit