CLINTON, Tenn. – Clinton City Schools reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing school safety by partnering with CENTEGIX to implement silent panic alarms. Wednesday’s demonstration of the technology, held at Clinton Elementary School, provided an insightful glimpse into the rapid response of CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™, which teachers or administrators can activate via their wearable panic buttons.

The event demonstrated the effectiveness of wearable panic alarms that can directly contact 911 and law enforcement. With eight clicks of the button located on an easy-to-access badge, a teacher or staff member can lock down the school and initiate responses from first responders. This purpose-built technology accelerates the entire emergency response timeline with its ability to

  • immediately send a critical situation alert
  • rapidly notify responders exactly where someone initiated the alert 
  • lead responders directly to the alert location as identified on the digital school map
  • eliminate the time-consuming manual communication steps by automating intercom announcements, alarms, strobe lights, and desktop takeovers, providing lockdown protocols. 

Moreover, teachers and staff can use the CrisisAlert badge for more common issues such as medical emergencies, physical altercations, and other behavioral incidents. Administrators identify a team of on-site responders to support staff with everyday incidents no matter where they occur, from the classroom to the athletic fields.

Clinton City Director of Schools Kelly Johnson, SRO Officer Christian Bailey, and Principal Jenna Sharp facilitated Wednesday’s demonstration.

During the demonstration, CENTEGIX representative Mary Ford discussed how CrisisAlert conforms with newly introduced legislation regarding fire alarm protocols passed by the Tennessee House. This bill requires school districts to develop protocols for determining why a fire alarm is going off and to not immediately assume a fire is taking place. Ford highlighted how CENTEGIX technology integrates with existing systems and provides separate alerts for lockdown procedures, reducing confusion and differentiating between emergencies. With recent Department of Education guidance confirming the eligibility of safety grants for panic alarm systems, CENTEGIX technology is accessible to all Tennessee schools.

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CENTEGIX® is the industry leader and largest wearable safety technology provider for K-12 education with over 600,000 badges in use. The cloud-based CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ initiates the fastest response time for emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme, anywhere on campus. Leaders nationwide trust CENTEGIX’s innovative safety solutions to empower and protect people (every day). The company offers advanced silent panic alarm technology, real-time digital mapping capabilities, and intuitive panic button systems, empowering schools to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies. Operating in partnership with educational institutions nationwide, CENTEGIX is committed to creating safer learning environments for students and staff alike. Visit CENTEGIX at and follow them on Facebook @CENTEGIX and Twitter @_CENTEGIX.