CENTEGIX CrisisAlert grows over 200% in Tennessee since Alyssa’s Law passage 

Nashville, Tenn. – CENTEGIX, the nationwide market leader of wearable safety technology for K-12 education, announces that the number of sites selecting its CrisisAlert solution has grown over 200% since Tennessee passed Alyssa’s law in July 2023. Alyssa’s Law encourages schools to implement panic buttons that can immediately notify 911 in an emergency. Some districts are using funding provided through state grants approved by the legislature during its 2023 regular session.

CrisisAlert empowers staff with the fastest and easiest way to summon help in emergencies, from the everyday to the extreme. The wearable CrisisAlert badge is discrete and easy to use. For everyday emergencies such as a medical event or behavior situation, three clicks of the button on the badge notifies local school responders who needs help and precisely where they are located on campus. For extreme, campus-wide emergencies, eight clicks of the button directly notifies 911 of the emergency and delivers audio-visual communications so that everyone on campus knows to get to safety.

“We implemented CrisisAlert a few years ago, and the feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. We selected CENTEGIX for our panic alert solution because the wearable badge is easy to use and works anywhere on campus; the solution does not rely on Wi-Fi or cellular; and it does not require staff to download an app to their personal mobile device,” said Dr. Annette Tudor, Director of Bristol City Schools. “CrisisAlert has helped us reduce our emergency response time because our safety team and 911 responders are notified immediately of who needs help and where on campus they are located.”

“We protect over 11,500 schools across the country,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX. “In Florida, one of the first states to pass Alyssa’s Law, CENTEGIX now protects over 35% of the K-12 public schools, and CrisisAlert is the most used panic button solution because staff rely on it for everyday emergencies.”


CENTEGIX is the industry leader and largest solution provider nationwide of wearable safety technology for K-12 education and protects people in over 11,500 locations. CENTEGIX innovates technology to empower and protect people, and leaders nationwide trust our safety solutions to provide peace of mind. CENTEGIX CrisisAlert is the fastest and easiest way for staff to summon help for any emergency, from the everyday to the extreme. To learn more, visit www.CENTEGIX.com.