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Efficient Reporting Leads to Better Outcomes

School districts today need multifaceted systems to monitor visitors, student tardiness, and volunteers. A school visitor management system that can locate visitors is good, but using a system that can monitor activities like student tardiness and early releases is an even more useful tool. CENTEGIX Visitor Management offers a flexible, customizable system that monitors and documents these activities to provide school staff with the data they need to keep campus safe. 

In 2023, our partners used CENTEGIX Visitor Management to monitor over 16.8 million student transactions, including tardiness and early release. Monitoring student tardiness and early releases with Visitor Management is, to say the least, more efficient than the 19th-century technology of pencil and clipboard.

Monitor Student Tardiness

Using Visitor Management Software to Monitor Tardy Students

Accurately monitoring student attendance is crucial for every school, and possibly the most fundamental responsibility of teachers and staff. Accurate student attendance monitoring provides the basic data on which school grading and funding are based. We often hear from school staff that there are big waves of tardy students in the morning or that students leave important fields blank on the sign-in sheet. These scenarios complicate the process of monitoring who is present and why they’re tardy, and they make it more difficult to gather accurate student information.

Switching to our innovative visitor management software for tardy student monitoring simplifies the process and ensures that school staff get the information they need to do the hard work parents rely on them for. Visitor management software empowers staff to customize the tardy process to scan student IDs for faster check-ins, automatically print hall passes, and even synchronize student tardiness metrics to a school information system. Our visitor management software can be used in a kiosk format to allow students to check themselves in, saving staff time while guaranteeing effective capture of the information schools need to run efficiently.

How CENTEGIX Visitor Management Monitors Student Tardiness

Tardy student monitoring with CENTEGIX Visitor Management is simple. By default, Visitor Management stations enable a tardy check-in badge. School staff members can customize the tardy student monitoring process in the Web School Manager. Here are some examples of the useful data Visitor Management can capture and put to use:

  • When a tardy student scans their ID, the system records their name.
  • Automatically print a hall pass when tardy check-in is complete.
  • Ask the reason for arriving late.
  • Request a parent’s signature.
  • Take pictures of students during check-in.
  • Customize available answers to check-in questions.

Tardy students can be checked in for the day with a swipe of a badge or a few clicks. That attendance information is automatically saved to Web School Manager and immediately available for download or export with the Activity Reports module.

visitor management software

Student Early Release Monitoring

Visitor Management Software for monitoring student early release

The benefits of using visitor management software to monitor student early release resemble those of tardy monitoring. In addition to being faster and easier, CENTEGIX Visitor Management improves safety protocols for early dismissals. Safety checks for legal custody, sexual offender status, and No-Go (banned/monitored person) checks occur automatically before students can be dismissed. The system can also capture important information for records, like digital signatures and photos.

Student Early Release Monitoring with CENTEGIX Visitor Management

By default, CENTEGIX Visitor Management stations enable an early-release check-out badge. Staff can customize the early-release student monitoring process in the Web School Manager. The system allows staff to customize requirements for:

  • Scanning IDs for background checks
  • Digital signatures
  • Photos during key processing moments
  • Printing a hall pass for early release when check-out is complete
  • Validating custody by referencing a student contact database

CENTEGIX visitor management software can seamlessly integrate with select school information systems. These integrations manage and synchronize approved contact lists, student rosters, and attendance records.

CENTEGIX Visitor Management Activity Reports

Activity Reports within CENTEGIX Visitor Management

CENTEGIX Visitor Management automatically synchronizes all check-in and check-out activities with the Web School Manager. Create custom views and export and download data into activity reports.

Activity Reports are created in the Web School Manager in the Activity Reports Module. Staff can employ any internet-connected device to access the Web School Manager. When creating custom reports, choose from a variety of filters to get the necessary data in a concise, easy-to-understand report. Examples of these filters include:

  • From/to dates
  • Visitor/student names
  • Occurrences
  • Sort filters

Think about a typical week at your school. How many tardies and early releases do you monitor? How long does it take to enter that data into the SIS or create a report? Can you easily produce a reliable count of tardies for any student? Imagine having that data synchronize automatically and produce a report with just one click. CENTEGIX Visitor Management makes such streamlined data monitoring and management possible, and for thousands of schools, it’s already a time-saving reality.

Innovative visitor management software screens visitors and saves precious time during hectic daily operations like monitoring tardy students and keeping a record of early releases. Using CENTEGIX Visitor Management to monitor student activities saves districts hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per year by streamlining the process at no additional cost

The capability to monitor student activities like tardiness and early release is so popular that these functions account for over 60% of all check-ins reported by our customers. 

visitor management software

Comprehensive Monitoring and Activity Reports to Help Administrators Plan

CENTEGIX Visitor Management is part of the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™. The Safety Platform grants schools access to indispensable functions.

  • With the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ mobile panic button that empowers staff to instantly call for help in the event of an emergency, staff members can press a wearable emergency button to initiate alerts or campus lockdowns. 
  • The CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint critical incident mapping tool directs responders to the precise locations of alerts and school safety assets. 
  • Reunification tools enhance communication and efficiently reunite students with parents or designated caregivers following a crisis. 

The Safety Platform can reduce response time during an emergency and serve as the foundation of any school’s multilevel approach to safety. The Safety Platform can provide your administrators with the data they need to plan tailored intervention strategies, reallocate resources, or plan additional staff training. 

Better data leads to better decision-making. By monitoring student tardiness and early releases, administrators can more easily identify harmful patterns, and students can receive help before attendance issues become serious.

CENTEGIX Fosters a Culture of Safety

CENTEGIX Visitor Management enables optimal efficiency in monitoring student tardiness and early releases which, when addressed promptly, can significantly enhance positive educational outcomes. 

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform equips schools with more effective safety protocols and provides accurate, real-time data to aid in strategic planning. Our innovative technology has already transformed over 11,000 schools and saved districts time and money, all while improving student accountability. 

Don’t let another vital piece of student data slip through the cracks. Schedule a free demo today.