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Nebraska School Safety Standards

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Nebraska School Safety Standards

School Safety and Security-Related Infrastructure Grant

Nebraska’s Department of Education (NDE) is taking proactive steps to enhance the security and safety measures in the state’s educational institutions. The School Safety and Security-Related Infrastructure Grant, supported by a $10 million fund allocated by the Nebraska Legislature in June, has been launched to assist both public and private schools in upgrading their security-related infrastructure.

This initiative focuses on addressing the pressing need for improved physical security across educational settings by channeling funds into advanced technology, essential safety equipment, and significant infrastructure enhancements. Upgrades eligible for funding include but are not lomited to the following crucial security measures.

Bleeding control kits

Door locking mechanisms

Visitor management systems

Ground lighting

Notification systems

Screening devices

The overarching objective is to create secure and conducive learning environments for students throughout Nebraska.

Schools interested in accessing a portion of the competitive grant funds are encouraged to submit their applications before the March 14th, 2024 deadline. Anticipated award announcements are set for April 3, 2024.

For detailed information on the grant program, including objectives, eligibility criteria, fund usage guidelines, application requirements, timeline, and post-award obligations, click here.

The NDE strongly urges all eligible institutions to seize this vital opportunity to enhance their safety protocols and infrastructure. Through collaborative efforts, a safer and more secure learning environment can be established for both students and educators across the state.

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform: Creating a Culture of Safety

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform is a multilayered Nebraska school safety solution that provides the foundation for a school safety ecosystem. It features a variety of tools that work together to improve school emergency preparedness, create reportable data, and shorten response times.

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform solutions include:

Centegix Icon for CrisisAlert


A wearable mobile panic button with precise location information for rapid incident response

Centegix Icon for Safety Blueprint

Safety Blueprint

A dynamic map that assists emergency responders in locating safety assets and people during emergencies

Centegix Icon for Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Technology that enables schools to authenticate, manage, and locate visitors

Centegix Icon for Reunification


Cloud-based software that digitizes the reunification process to prioritize efficiency and help staff regain control when emergencies occur

These CENTEGIX solutions work together to improve communication with first responders and make school buildings safer. They create a foundation for a culture of safety that prioritizes staff and students’ security and well-being. These Safety Platform features make it an effective Nebraska school safety solution. It’s technology:

Is reliable: no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity is required

Is easy to adopt: teachers need not download an app

Transmits 911 calls and mobile alerts by integrating with local PSAPs

Immediately connects staff to diverse emergency service technologies

Enables multiple first responder agencies to coordinate in real time

CENTEGIX Safety Report

2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives

Discover our latest, comprehensive analysis of school safety incidents gathered from the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ usage data for the 2023-2024 school year in our report 2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives.

See what else our safety report reveals regarding safety in the classroom, state safety legislation, and critical components of school safety solutions. Download your copy today.

How Are Your Resources Being Spent?

CENTEGIX protects over 11,500 schools across the country. We can protect your school, too.

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform™, featuring CrisisAlert™, accelerates your response to emergencies. We’ve built the CENTEGIX Safety Platform to support you in the single most critical factor of incident response: time. Because in an emergency, every second matters.

Discover federal resources to fund new safety and security initiatives in your district by exploring federal funding resources for school safety.

Hear from Our Educators

We engage with teachers and staff every day to understand how CrisisAlert supports them, and here’s what they’ve shared:

A student was having trouble breathing and her vision was beginning to black out. We don’t have service in our building and it can be difficult to get ahold of the office staff, so having something to immediately alert them of emergency was incredibly helpful in a very scary situation.
Elementary school teacher

Clayton County Schools, GA

I had a student who was refusing to follow directions and became very defiant. This student was beginning to get aggressive. I used my badge to alert our campus security monitor to remove the student from the situation. It is a very useful tool when the response was as immediate as it was.
High school teacher

Clark County School District, NV

A student was having a severe panic attack, trouble speaking, crying, not able to answer my questions as to what was wrong with her. I used the device to call for administrative help and it worked like it was designed to. Help arrived in a matter of seconds. I saw firsthand how well it works.
Middle school teacher

Palm Beach County Schools, FL

Championing Safe Schools with Educators and Educator Associations

Douglas County Schools
Clark County School District Logo
Yakima School District, WA, color logo
Little Rock School District Logo

CENTEGIX CrisisAlert vs. Mobile Apps

CrisisAlert eliminates vulnerabilities related to app-only solutions and enables rapid incident response to all emergencies.

In an Emergency, You Need CrisisAlert™

Adverse situations can happen at any moment—from everyday crises such as medical emergencies, severe weather, and physical altercations to extreme situations that threaten your entire campus. The faster you get help to the right location, the better the outcome.

See how our CrisisAlert wearable mobile panic button empowers staff to get help instantly in an emergency. 

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Empower Your Educators
with Safety

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School Safety Standards by State

Schools in any state can meet school safety grant funding requirements by choosing CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ solution.