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Tennessee School Safety Standards

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Tennessee School Safety Standards

Evacuate or Lockdown—What is the Right Response to a Fire Alarm?

In the event of a fire, it’s critical to move quickly to evacuate the building. In an active shooter scenario, staying behind locked doors and out of sight is the protocol. A fire alarm activated erroneously can put people directly in harm’s way.

With CENTEGIX, school leaders can immediately notify everyone on campus which procedure to follow for the safest outcome.

Download our guide to learn more about how Tennessee districts can achieve HB 1644/SB 1679 compliance with our safety solutions.

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    CENTEGIX Innovates School Safety with Silent Panic Alarm Demonstration in Partnership with Clinton City Schools

    Clinton City Schools reaffirms its commitment to prioritizing school safety by partnering with CENTEGIX to implement silent panic alarms. On February 14, 2024, a demonstration of the technology, held at Clinton Elementary School, provided an insightful glimpse into the rapid response of CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™, which teachers or administrators can activate via their wearable panic buttons.

    Clinton Schools Using New Technology to Improve Safety

    At Clinton Elementary School, staff can use a school-wide alert system through the CENTEGIX CrisisAlert badge.

    Tennessee School Safety Solutions

    The Tennessee government understands the need to make school safety a state priority. Tennessee school alert systems and other tools are designed to protect students and staff. Learn more about these solutions and how they meet Tennessee school safety standards below. Then connect with a CENTEGIX specialist to learn more about the CrisisAlert wearable solution and how it can help keep your staff and students safe.

    School Safety Toolkit

    In June 2022, Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order to create a School Safety Toolkit to: 

    • Direct state agencies to help school districts implement existing school safety laws, including regular security audits.
    • Provide parents with information on how to advocate for school safety, report suspicious behavior, access mental health resources, and help ensure school building security.

    The safety kit includes the free SafeTN app, so threats and safety concerns at schools can be reported anonymously. All tips and concerns are sent to law enforcement.

    The Tennessee Mental Health Crisis Hotline is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. The number is (855) CRISIS-1.


    The School Safety Toolkit for Tennessee Families includes signs that someone could cause harm at school:

    • social withdrawal
    • excessive feelings of isolation and being alone
    • excessive feelings of rejection
    • being a victim of violence
    • feelings of being persecuted
    • low school interest and poor academic performance
    • uncontrolled anger
    • patterns of impulsive and chronic hitting, intimidating, and bullying behaviors
    • history of discipline problems
    • history of violent and aggressive behavior
    • intolerance for differences and prejudicial attitudes
    • use of drugs and alcohol
    • affiliation with gangs
    • serious threats of violence

    If a student displays some of these signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean the child will commit acts of violence. However, they can suggest that the student needs help. 

    The Behavior Health Safety Net for Children provides outpatient mental health services for ages three to seven. There are no limits on family income for eligibility.

    In addition, Mental Health 101 is an early intervention program for middle and high school students across Tennessee. Mental health professionals visit more than 120 schools each year. 

    Learn more here.

    Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Act

    When Tennessee passed the Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Act, it provided a state-level team to help school districts develop and implement a comprehensive school safety planning strategy.

    All school districts are required to work with parents and emergency response agencies to create emergency operations plans (EOPs) to be submitted to the Tennessee School Safety Center. EOPs should include:

    • parent notification plan
    • plan for relocating and releasing students
    • designated primary and alternate evacuation routes
    • planning for school-sponsored events, field trips, bus emergencies, and on-site and off-site command posts

    Under the SAVE act, grant funds are available from the School Safety Center to help districts develop their plans.

    Learn more about the act here.

    Executive Order 97: ESSR Funds

    Executive Order 97, which was signed by Gov. Lee, directs the Department of Education to request permission to use existing ESSER funds to conduct safety assessments that would identify the need for facility upgrades necessary to enhance building security and safety.

    The order also directs the state education officials to identify regional staff that can be repurposed to focus on safety, mental health, and family and community engagement.

    Learn more here.

    Safe Schools Act

    Tennessee school safety solutions include the Safe Schools Act, which makes funds available to limit violent and disruptive behavior. Public school districts can use those funds for

    • facility security and planning
    • school safety personnel
    • violence prevention
    • training and drills
    • behavioral health

    Up to $20 million was available to be dispersed to different schools in 2021 and 2022. The 2023 amount hasn’t been set.

    Learn more about the Safe Schools Act grant here.

    The School Safety Act of 2018

    When The School Safety Act of 2018 was passed, it gave off-duty police officers the opportunity to work in state schools. The law also required participating law enforcement agencies to assess school safety and report back to the legislature.

    Learn more about the bill here.

    School Security Assessment

    Additional Tennessee school safety standards will go into effect on July 1. The Tennessee School Safety Center will be tasked with developing and evaluating training materials related to safety issues, including

    • behavior
    • discipline
    • violence prevention

    Officials at the center will collect and analyze school safety data and make regular reports to the education committee of the Senate and the education administration committee of the House of Representatives.

    Tennessee’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security and Department of Education are charged with developing school security assessments and training law enforcement and school administrators to identify and eliminate school security vulnerabilities.

    Learn more about the assessment process here.

    Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement Formula

    The law that created the Tennessee School Safety Center also allows school districts to use funding from the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) Formula for programs geared toward student safety:

    • violence prevention programs
    • conflict resolution
    • disruptive or assaultive behavior management
    • improved school security
    • school resource officers
    • school safety officers
    • peer mediation
    • employee training

    Learn more about the formula here.

    House Bill 322 Amendment: Required Security Features

    When it comes to Tennessee school safety solutions, keeping school doors locked to block access by unauthorized people is a simple step to protect students. According to a report, the State Fire Marshal’s Office identified 527 unlocked exterior doors during inspections of approximately 1,500 schools. 

    Gov. Lee introduced legislation requiring that all primary and secondary schools keep their exterior doors locked or risk losing escalating amounts of funding for each violation.

    The proposed legislation would also require new security features included with all school buildings constructed or renovated after July 1.

    Some school districts have invested in cameras and metal detectors, but it’s always important to focus on the fundamentals, such as developing a school climate of questioning individuals on campus who aren’t wearing visitor badges.

    Learn more about the required features here.

    Tennessee School Safety Specialist Program

    The Tennessee School Safety Specialist Program provides ongoing training about best practices for school safety, security, prevention, and planning. The goal is to create a safe and supportive learning environment.

    After training, School Safety Specialists:

    • Coordinate with emergency responders, local medical facilities, community members, administrators, parents, and students to update emergency operations plans.
    • Network with appropriate stakeholders to enhance school safety.
    • Serve as resources on issues related to school discipline, safety, security, and bullying prevention.
    • Provide professional development for district faculty and staff on school violence, crime prevention, bullying, and other issues.

    Learn more about the program here.

    CENTEGIX Safety Report

    2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives

    Discover our latest, comprehensive analysis of school safety incidents gathered from the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ usage data for the 2023-2024 school year in our report 2024 School Safety Trends: Saving Seconds Saves Lives.

    See what else our safety report reveals regarding safety in the classroom, state safety legislation, and critical components of school safety solutions. Download your copy today.

    Tennessee Passes Alyssa’s Law

    Tennessee legislators recently passed Alyssa’s Law, a law that encourages schools to equip all classrooms with panic buttons. Now it heads to Governor Bill Lee’s desk, where he is expected to sign it. Learn more about the story here.

    How Are Your Resources Being Spent?

    CENTEGIX protects over 11,500 schools across the country. We can protect your school, too.

    The CENTEGIX Safety Platform™, featuring CrisisAlert™, accelerates your response to emergencies. We’ve built the CENTEGIX Safety Platform to support you in the single most critical factor of incident response: time. Because in an emergency, every second matters.

    Discover federal resources to fund new safety and security initiatives in your district by exploring federal funding resources for school safety.


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    Revolutionizing School Safety: States Take Action Following Tennessee Shooting to Ensure a Secure Learning Environment

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    Championing Safe Schools with Educators and Educator Associations

    Hear from Our Educators

    We engage with teachers and staff every day to understand how CrisisAlert supports them, and here’s what they’ve shared:

    A student was having trouble breathing and her vision was beginning to black out. We don’t have service in our building and it can be difficult to get ahold of the office staff, so having something to immediately alert them of emergency was incredibly helpful in a very scary situation.

    Elementary school teacher

    Clayton County Schools, GA

    I had a student who was refusing to follow directions and became very defiant. This student was beginning to get aggressive. I used my badge to alert our campus security monitor to remove the student from the situation. It is a very useful tool when the response was as immediate as it was.

    High school teacher

    Clark County School District, NV

    A student was having a severe panic attack, trouble speaking, crying, not able to answer my questions as to what was wrong with her. I used the device to call for administrative help and it worked like it was designed to. Help arrived in a matter of seconds. I saw firsthand how well it works.

    Middle school teacher

    Palm Beach County Schools, FL

    The Safety Platform™ Meets Grant-Funded Safety Measures

    The CENTEGIX Safety Platform is an emergency incident response safety system that features wearable panic buttons, digital mapping software, and reunification and visitor management capabilities and generates accurate, usable data. The Safety Platform solution uses visual strobes, digital messages, and automated intercom announcements to inform everyone of a campus-wide incident and to instruct them on actions they should take. The Safety Platform meets the security infrastructure needs the Tennessee school safety grants aim to address.

    The Safety Platform features an analytics dashboard that assists administrators as they make safety and security decisions. A data set is generated when a staff member uses their wearable badge to request assistance. Administrators can better understand where and why and under what conditions. These administrative decisions, enabled by Platform data, contribute to the “positive and safe climate” that the safety grants aim to foster. 

    The CENTEGIX school safety platform provides robust and uninterrupted communication between staff members, administrators, first responders, and students. Unlike other emergency incident response systems, the Safety Platform’s technology precludes adoption and connectivity challenges. It runs on a dedicated IoT network; it’s not susceptible to Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity interruptions. And because the CrisisAlert mobile panic button is worn along with an ID badge, 100% of staff members use it. This high adoption rate means that every staff member at every location on campus can request help when they need it. CrisisAlert generates accurate location data for every alert, no matter where on campus. Therefore first responders know exactly where to go during an emergency. In many instances, this kind of rapid response can prevent tragedy. 

    These critical features of the CrisisAlert badge and Safety Blueprint from CENTEGIX ensure an immediate response: 

      Desktop takeover notifications for staff mean campus-wide alerts are never missed.

      Location accuracy enables rapid response.

      The system immediately connects the parties best prepared to handle the situation.

      Wi-Fi and phone outages have no effect on the system.

      Wearable security badges are easily accessible, lightweight, and wearable.

      CENTEGIX Safety Platform can help school districts and LEAs enact these measures, making students and staff safer. The Safety platform school safety solution helps create a climate of safety by enabling staff members to request help immediately, from anywhere on campus, in any type of emergency. Under these conditions, teachers can focus on student needs, and students can focus on learning. 

      CENTEGIX is the leader in incident response solutions. Our Safety Platform is the fastest and easiest way for staff to request help in an emergency, from the everyday to the extreme. CENTEGIX innovates technology to empower and protect people, and leaders nationwide trust our safety solutions to provide peace of mind. 

      Discover the Safety Platform

      Safety solutions that prioritize speed for the best outcome.

      One Button Activation icon
      A wearable mobile panic button quickly and discreetly initiates alerts.
      Location Accuracy icon

      Mapping and locating capabilities provide the precise locationof emergencies, visitors, and safety assets.

      Audio Visual Notifications icons
      Audiovisual notifications notify everyone rapidly of a crisis.
      One Button Activation icon

      A visitor management system screens and locates visitors on your campus.

      One Button Activation icon

      Protocol development to plan for rapid incident response.

      One Button Activation icon
      A private, managed network provides campus-wide coverage.
      One Button Activation icon
      Integrations to your existing safety assets to extend their capabilities.

      CENTEGIX CrisisAlert vs. Mobile Apps

      CrisisAlert eliminates vulnerabilities related to app-only solutions and enables rapid incident response to all emergencies.

      In an Emergency, You Need CrisisAlert™

      Adverse situations can happen at any moment—from everyday crises such as medical emergencies, severe weather, and physical altercations to extreme situations that threaten your entire campus. The faster you get help to the right location, the better the outcome.

      See how our CrisisAlert wearable mobile panic button empowers staff to get help instantly in an emergency. 

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