CrisisAlert and Alyssa’s Law:

Making Schools Safer Every Day

Alyssa’s Law Update Report

CENTEGIX has released its first Alyssa’s Law Update report that provides data and insights into CrisisAlert usage in Florida since the start of the school year.

Key highlights include:

  • With 100% user adoption, the CrisisAlert wearable badge has helped staff in over 3,200 incidents.
  • Staff report that incident response times are improved, and teachers feel safer and supported.
  • 97% of CrisisAlert usage is for helping staff with everyday emergencies such as behavior issues, altercations, medical incidents, etc.

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Doctors said if not for the quick action by the Dunbar staff, Mia Santiago wouldn’t be here today. Mia experienced a medical emergency during class and her teacher was able to quickly call for help with three clicks of her CrisisAlert badge.

What is Alyssa’s Law?

Alyssa’s Law is legislation that requires public elementary and secondary schools to be equipped with “silent panic alarms that are directly linked to law enforcement” and named after Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff.

The purpose of Alyssa’s Law is to decrease the amount of time it takes for first responders to arrive at an emergency situation—whether it’s a shooting, a natural disaster, or any other unforeseen event.

Passed in New Jersey in February 2019 and in Florida in July 2020, Alyssa’s Law has also been proposed in Arizona, New York, Nebraska, Texas and introduced on a federal level.

Alyssa’s Law Requirements

The Alyssa’s Law legislation is focused on improving law enforcement response time to a life-threatening emergency.  The law calls for “the installation of silent panic alarms that are directly linked to law enforcement, so in case of any emergency they will get on the scene as quickly as possible, take down a threat and triage any victims.”

Here’s how CENTEGIX’s CrisisAlert solution fulfills these requirements:

  • Mobile panic alert system
  • Connections to diverse emergency services technologies
  • Real-time coordination between multiple first responder agencies including county, local, and on-site responders
  • Integration with local public safety answering point to transmit 911 calls and mobile activations

In addition, we incorporated feedback from Marjory Stoneman Douglas public safety commission representatives into product-level design.

CrisisAlert also provides the additional functionality:

  • 100% coverage of all indoor spaces and outdoor areas
  • Room-level location accuracy including floors
  • Wearable panic button ensures 100% compliance
  • Audio and visual alerting (lighted strobes and desktop messages)
  • Integration with intercom and two-way radio
Wireless Safety System from CENTEGIX

“We partnered with CrisisAlert to give each and every one of our employees the ability to call for help anytime anywhere when they are on one of our campuses. For a 30-year law enforcement professional, we call that a force multiplier, with this technology in the hands of over 25,000 employees, that gives me 25,000 sets of eyes to help keep the campus safe.”

Chief John Newman
Director of Safety & Security
Hillsborough County Schools

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CrisisAlert and Alyssa’s Law News

Demand for CrisisAlert Increases in Florida Schools

The CENTEGIX CrisisAlert, a badge-based alerting solution, has been selected by Florida districts planning for Alyssa’s Alert requirements and installed for the 2021-2022 school year.

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Citrus County Schools Approve CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

Citrus County Schools District Police Chief Settles into New Role

CrisisAlert was preferred solution because it doesn’t require school employees to download a program, and it doesn’t depend on unreliable Wi-Fi or cellular coverage.

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Martin County School District touts new technology for safety

Florida school districts must comply with Alyssa’s Law at the start of the 2021-22 academic year, Martin County installed new technology last school year.

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Alyssa’s Law Requirement Overview

Don’t leave your district vulnerable with a mobile app-only solution. Mobile apps lack functionality critical to saving response time because in an emergency, EVERY SECOND MATTERS.

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Making Sure Alyssa’s Law Protects Our Children in Schools

When there is a threatening incident in a school, time saves lives. School districts should consider what ensures the greatest response and protection.

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Federal, State, and Private Funding Sources for CrisisAlert™

Download this guide to learn more about federal, state, and private funding sources that can be tapped to help purchase school safety technology.

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