Uniting the CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ and Catapult Emergency Management System reduces the time to identify, notify, and respond to incidents from the everyday to the extreme


ATLANTA – June 10, 2024 – CENTEGIX, the leader in incident response solutions, and CatapultK12, an innovator in emergency management systems for K-12 schools, announce their partnership to integrate the CENTEGIX Safety Platform with CatapultEMS system to accelerate and coordinate emergency response. 

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform includes the innovative, award-winning CrisisAlert™ solution that empowers teachers and staff with the fastest and easiest way to request help in an emergency—from the everyday to the extreme. The wearable, always-accessible badge with a single button equips all school staff with an immediate, discreet, and easy way to signal for help from anywhere on campus. CrisisAlert is unique in its ability to deliver precise alert location, immediate audio and visual incident notifications for campus-wide incidents, full campus coverage, and 100% user adoption—built on a private network and without relying on Wi-Fi or cellular.

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform also includes CENTEGIX Safety Blueprint™, a dynamic mapping solution that works in conjunction with CrisisAlert to provide precise indoor and outdoor incident location information, and CENTEGIX Enhanced Visitor Management, a system that authenticates, manages, and locates visitors on campus, 

With CatapultEMS, schools develop emergency communication plans to coordinate staff, local responders, and local 911. In an emergency, CatapultEMS enables a digital emergency procedure checklist, two-way staff communication, real-time student accounting, reunification, staff location check-ins, and more.

“Since 2000, CatapultK12 has provided innovative and intuitive solutions for schools. Our customers have asked us to expand CatapultEMS to include capabilities such as those in the CENTEGIX Safety Platform,“ said Jason Jeffery, CEO of Catapult. “With this partnership, schools benefit from the combined capabilities  resulting in the fastest emergency response.” 

“The strong alignment between our Safety Platform and CatapultEMS makes this partnership ideal for providing schools with the fastest way to identify, notify, and respond to any emergency,” said Brent Cobb, CEO of CENTEGIX. “By aligning our solutions, we enhance school leaders’ ability to put safety plans into action for the best possible outcome.”

For more information on how CENTEGIX and CatapultK12 are working together to innovate school safety, visit centegix.com/catapult.

About CatapultK12

CatapultK12 is dedicated to enhancing the safety and communication capabilities of schools across the United States. CatapultEMS system is a comprehensive emergency management solution designed to facilitate coordinated responses to crises in educational environments. For more information, visit www.CatapultEmergencyManagement.com.


CENTEGIX® is the industry leader and largest wearable safety technology provider for K-12 education with over 600,000 badges in use. The cloud-based CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ initiates the fastest response time for emergencies campus-wide. Leaders in over 12,000 locations nationwide trust CENTEGIX’s innovative safety solutions to empower and protect people (every day).

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