ATLANTA – June 17, 2024—Clear Touch®, a leading US manufacturer of interactive touch panels and digital signage displays, announces a key partnership with CENTEGIX®, the industry leader in rapid incident response technology. This collaboration integrates the CENTEGIX Safety Platform with Clear Touch Command software, enabling real-time emergency notifications to be broadcast on Clear Touch interactive flat panels and non-touch displays when triggered by a CENTEGIX CrisisAlert badge.

“The safety of our customers is paramount,” said Keone Trask, President of Clear Touch. “By partnering with CENTEGIX, we can leverage the power of our displays to deliver critical information during emergencies. This will help to ensure faster response times and a more coordinated effort, ultimately keeping people safer.”

“CENTEGIX is committed to developing safety solutions that empower and protect people every day,” said Vince Zappa, Chief Product Officer of CENTEGIX. “This integration with Clear Touch Command software further expands the reach of our Safety Platform and enhances communication capabilities for our mutual customers.”

The integration offers several key benefits:

  • Immediate and Targeted Alerts: Clear Touch panels and displays can instantly showcase critical information during emergencies. The system can also target alerts to specific zones or buildings, ensuring only those directly impacted receive the message.
  • Enhanced Communication and Response: Clear Touch Command software and the CENTEGIX Safety Platform work together to communicate crucial instructions during an incident. Administrators can monitor the situation in real-time, update alerts remotely, and communicate crucial instructions through the Clear Touch panels or CENTEGIX Dashboard.
  • Improved Safety: Command allows the crucial safety message to take over the display so it cannot be ignored, and Safety Blueprint, as the foundation of the CENTEGIX Safety Platform, provides critical details, such as precise alert and safety asset location information, to guide people during an emergency. This can significantly improve response times and overall safety in a crisis situation.

Clear Touch Command software is a cloud-based suite of tools designed for remote management of Clear Touch® flat panels and Clear Digital signage displays. Clear Digital, an affiliate brand of Clear Touch, specializes in digital signage solutions, offering a comprehensive range of displays and software for effective communication in various environments.

The CENTEGIX Safety Platform minimizes identification, notification, and response time in emergencies. The Safety Platform leverages dynamic digital mapping, real-time locating capabilities, an easy-to-use wearable panic button, and visitor management and reunification capabilities to plan for and respond faster to any safety situation.

This partnership delivers a valuable solution for schools, workplaces, and healthcare facilities looking to improve safety and communication during emergencies.

About Clear Touch®

Clear Touch® develops and manufactures award-winning interactive flat panels and accessories that deliver unparalleled performance, ease of use, and affordability. Clear Touch panels are backed by a robust warranty and unmatched customer support, making them the perfect choice for education, business, and government applications. Clear Touch also offers Clear Digital signage displays through its affiliate brand, providing a comprehensive range of digital communication solutions.


CENTEGIX is the industry leader of wearable safety technology for K-12 education with over 600,000 badges in use. The cloud-based CENTEGIX Safety Platform™ initiates the fastest response time for emergencies campus-wide. Leaders in over 12,000 locations nationwide trust CENTEGIX’s innovative safety solutions to empower and protect people.