CENTEGIX enhances ContactAlert™ to support district leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maximize federal COVID funding to protect your district now and for the longer term. 

CENTEGIX enhances ContactAlert to include all the benefits of CrisisAlert

Districts can maximize federal COVID funding to

increase safety now and for the longer term. 

In 2020, we launched  ContactAlert™ to support district leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic with anonymous contact tracing for school constituents.

Now, we’ve enhanced ContactAlert to include all of the features of CrisisAlert so that district leaders can maximize their federal COVID funds to protect staff and students both now and for the longer term. Learn more about ContactAlert from CENTEGIX. 

ContactAlert enables district leaders to protect their teachers and staff by anonymously contact tracing school constituents that may have been in contact for a defined period of time with individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19. The technology can also be used for visitors that enter the school so that employees can be better protected against infections coming from outside of the school.

Data privacy is a fundamental design principle of ContactAlert™ and CrisisAlert™. Data will be anonymously provided only for an incident that meets contact tracing criteria defined by the CDC and Departments of Public Health, which is currently more than 15 minutes of close exposure.

ContactAlert™ reduces the administrative burden of the COVID-19 contact tracing process and helps districts:

  • Determine which rooms may need cleaning

  • Notify individuals who may have been exposed

  • Protect personal information during the contact tracing process

  • Save time and money in managing school response

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ContactAlert™ Solution Overview

ContactAlert™ enables district leaders to fight COVID-19 by contact tracing school constituents.

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Anonymity and Individual Privacy for Staff Members

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Federal, State, and Private Funding Sources for CrisisAlert™

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ContactAlert™ can minimize staff loss due to quarantine

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Mobile Security Alert Technology

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